Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol: Quit Drinking Challenge

Take the Quit Drinking Challenge and learn the benefits of quitting alcohol and how it can lead to better self improvement and health. The major challenge is …


  1. Been challenging myself to not drink as well.

    I live out in the woods, on an island meant for old retired people. So you can imagine there's not much to do here other than drink. But I'm really trying to stick to my guns and see if I can do it.

  2. just wanted to say thank you for your motivation videos you did on not/quiting drinking. been a big motivator for the last week as i been quiting drinking after 6 years. thank you for voicing some of the thoughts running through my head

  3. Totally agree with you. Alcohol, drugs,smoking all cause health problems. All cause weight gain. All cause you to go broke, fast. All cause more problems than they solve. They all age you,too.wreck havoc on your skin,hair,teeth,nails,bones, it's not worth it. I appreciate your efforts.

  4. So, is there a confirmed and guaranteed way to quit drinking and never relapse again? I don't think so… How about a program that's designed to help your body recover its balance, go through minimum withdrawal and simply cut cravings? Of course you have to change the way you do, probably a lot, and anyone has to expect that. Try looking up Steffon Barkload's Quit Drinking Forever, just there is ONE of the MANY programs to make it possible.

  5. I couldn't agree more. For the drinkers out there, its really annoying when you try to peer pressure an adult to drink. Stop pushing your insecurities about not wanting to be drunk around sober friends on us. I should be the one that minds because I have to be around you sober if you accidentally have too many.

    So good on you sir. Most people can't take the red pill. They have to be stuck in the matrix of, "that's just what you're supposed to do." But I'm like why? I've never once had a great experience sober and after the fact was like, you know what would've make that better, if I chased a buzz and possibly ended up with a hangover the next day and couldn't remember things quite as clearly. ijs

    This is good evergreen content by the way. This video will stay relevant forever.

  6. Where was this when I turned 21. I was needing this. I had friends that pressured me to drink but I didn’t want to and I never caved in. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel the need to drink to have fun. Thanks Chris

    P.S. I don’t mind other people drinking. I just don’t like being told I’m weird for not doing so.

  7. It's like when I say that I prefer stay at home playing games, drawing or watching series instead of going to parties, people look at me like I'm an alien.
    "You should try new things" they say, well "have you tried the things I think is fun? I doubt."

  8. I rarely drink, it isn't a morality thing, I just prefer to be sober most of the time. on occasion me and my wife get a bottle of wine but that's so few and far between that my sister was shocked when I accepted a beer from my cousin I hadn't seen in a while.

  9. When someone asks me why I don't drink/smoke – My organs cost 90% more and elongate my lifespan. Either that or – I value my liver/lungs
    IF they STILL continue insisting – You do know you're more prone to death just because you drink/smoke on top of that.
    Works every time (until now)

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