Adderall VS Psilocybin | “The TRUTH About Microdosing Shrooms”

Microdosing psychedelics such as shrooms or LSD has gotten a lot more popular lately, especially with all this “Silicon Valley” hype and the BS news stories …


  1. I thought you also build a tolerance to mushroom and LSD. You also should never take both Adderalland mushroom/LSD at the same time, so I'm curious if this guy is on Adderall now.

  2. When you were talking about microdosing causing bringing up trauma and other emotions,isn't that necessarily a good thing? I personally feel like alot of drugs should be used to feel emotion and let out issues

  3. Mate,what about provigil or the great and more healthy modifinil,cleaner,safer and for me breathes my soul back into my body, advice if you haven't already, needs taken for a week to feel the benefits, super clarity of mind at X10 speed,alertness. them things that you always wanted to do but put off,hahahaha. I compare it to a type a class whatever the f**k submarine on a aggressive incline from the debths deep the ocean at full speed bursting through the surface of the ocean splashing down saying,right let's get shit Fu*king done!!it has completely different biomechanical workings than Adderall,etc
    And btw don't quote me on this but the film limitless is loosely based around this medicine,that's used for both narcolepsy and ADHD so I'm probably the dog whistling to the Shepard lol

  4. Bro you always got to test your molly everytime. I got sold molly 2 different times over 8 months or so in Florida. both times i assumed it was bath salts or meth. Got so lucky not to be arrested at a state park smoking weed about 3 years ago at 2 am at night. Police found me on the trail. told me to leave and made me run to my car while they were in the cruiser following me and saying "smoking is bad for your respriratory health" while on the intercom. They proceeded to fuck with me and made me walk 5 miles home because i was intoxicated and couldnt drive. On my way home I legit thought they were going to raid my house while i was on my way back, and thought i got chased by a wild black bear. It was one fucking trip! ALWAYS TEST!!!!!!

  5. I go through phases where I don’t feel like doing psilocybin for weeks or months and then phases where I’ll low dose with cannabis when I feel like it. I rarely have ill effects. I also only do mushrooms alone. I could understand anxiety in a public setting I work from home and live alone so I have many opportunities to experiment

  6. Please don't take prescription amphetamines unless if you have ADHD. It makes it harder for people with ADHD to get them, especially if they are adults. I went off of them when I went to college (bad idea on my part, but I graduated anyway) and now I have to be re-tested for ADHD to get them again so I can work.

  7. Micro dosing psilocybin helped me break a life long alcohol addiction— PTSD and depression .. So grateful for it. Nature is the way to go! Nature has cures for everything. I use it in kitchens it helps me have the edge on everyone else at work…i can see things and make moves before I need to And I'm always a step ahead of everyone– also very creative And innovative

  8. I wanna take a small does of lsd before work but i work in a warehouse and im prone to thoughts that im wasting my life and all the repitious actions all day long might drive me fucking insane thoughts on this?

  9. @psychedsubstance I feel the micro dosing for you to feel body effects at a low dose is because of your experience with psychedelics as from my experience i feel it can help intensify your trip so that micro dose become stronger with like a flash, like when i take dabs of cannabis concentrates for example, if i take a big enough hit to give me a rush or unexpected by being too much i gain a full on trip like as if i was on shrooms with complete efftects they provide me and i feel maybe since you done a lot of that you prolly developed a more stronger connection with trips almost as if u can trigger more intense feels whenever you want so like i guess u can control it better but of course that require practice to "master" the trips if i'm making sense since i'm not good at explaining stuff so yeah

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