A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

Why should you care about the well-being of people half a globe away? Kurzgesagt Newsletter: Support us on Patreon so we can …


  1. OK people are getting more education which results in an increase in inventors researchers etc, etc…
    However what if too many people become an inventor ?
    Who would do the work at fundmental levels ?
    Who would do the basic jobs ?
    I mean if a sheep has food is safe and is healthy … why would it work ?
    The obvious answer is technology will take over….but what if it takes over too much….BOOM!TECHNOLOGICAL DISASTER…..
    So my point is Why can't we regulate manforce and divide chores up and make sure everybody does what they are supposed to ?

    PS :- Whoever is reading this might think What type of weed have I snorted up my àss…..i can assure you I didn't…..i was just wondering 😛

  2. This theory assumes the "pie" can grow forever, the positive sum game. The reality is the pie has always been the same size (the planets resources), technological innovation enables us to access larger portions of the pie, it doesn't increase the pies size. If positive sum were a reality, we wouldn't have the resource wars and economic exploitation we see so frequently today. People are acting out of self interest as the video suggests they should. The proposition made is sadly a fantasy. We can't just "create" pie for everyone, nothing is created, it's here already. Expanding the pie for others is unrealistic, a more accurate analogy is to divide the pie more evenly. Unfortunately, we still fight with our neighbors and take their stuff as we always have because the pie never grew, and it never will. Dividing the pie more evenly isn't an act of self interest it doesn't happen.

  3. You talk about all this money given to cancer TREATMENT and wonder why there’s no CURE?? It’s more profitable to treat people.. There is a cure, but big pharma won’t allow us to have it.

  4. This video is so important should be shared by everyone, the quality and is brilliant. Thanks for making this and hello from Ireland🇮🇪😊

  5. So all this based on a belief that all people are basically the same and everyone has potantial to become innovator. History again and again teaches that this is not how thing are in reality, but as always idealism does't let you understand one simple thought – there is no equality in real world.

  6. Right this second the next Einstein is dying of starvation in a third world country and will never get the chance to do the amazing things she’d otherwise be able to if only there’s been a little bit of investment in her country and it’s infrastructure.

    This is why foreign aide is actually of self interest. We all benefit by making sure the next Steve Jobs is allowed to live up to their greatest potential.

  7. Just a quick re-framing: Even with the info of the video provides its safe to say that our world has been a positive sum environment all along but that since the industrial revolution (for human civilization) the positive sum environment has been exemplified.

  8. We all wanted to eat meat, now we are all eating shit meat that makes us sick … We all wanted cars, now we all have cars who don't last as long as before and have to change all the time and of course more cars more pollution. But I we do the things the right way I totaly agree with this video

  9. Neoliberal bullshit. The work of a farmer in a 3rd world country ia IS useful for me, to get cheap food or wood or gas or meat for Mc Donalds. Egoism does NOT provide the solution!

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