1. Before professional gives you massage he ask you a couple questions. One of them is if you are on your period. You can't have massage while on period. So whatever place they did go it looks highly unprofessional

  2. my massage clients just come week after week with the same baggage and stress. My tantric clients and literally transforming their bodies intuitions and lives. I quit massage! By the way the person giving you a massage likely has pain in their arms resulting in bad juju being transferred also. Reiki is the bomb. Peace massage life I’m done with you. Much more effective to just manifest lifestyle changes 😉

  3. 08:10 …I'm not sure I could handle that as a guy. I like getting massages, typically the therapists I go to tend to be girls but I've had a bunch of guys massage me as well. Massage is for sure a none sexual experience, relaxing and focusing on how it feels, your breathing, what's tense and not etc. is really easy. But spreading my legs like that and having two girls massage my inner thighs is another thing it seems, there is a chance of things getting awkward, tension being induced rather then released ^^

  4. I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would ever do this. I'd sooner run a 400 m. lap around the North Pole wearing only hiking boots than have a massage wearing only a towel.
    The North Pole lap would probably be cheaper, too.

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