Woman fired for using marijuana pen at home sues former employer

She smoked marijuana after hours, but it didn’t stop her job from firing her. Subscribe to WCVB on YouTube now for more: Get more Boston …


  1. I have one I have it with me everywhere I Go one is going to stop me from using it either ! That's unfair for them to fire her If she was on pain killers she'd still have a job That's fucked up

  2. I am so pro weed…..but I mean you got to do your research. If your job drug tests, whether its random or after injuries, you got to know that stuff before just smoking weed lol.

  3. How can we continue to keep weed schedule 1 when it's legal for recreational use in WASHINGTON DC. Stop punishing people for using a plant, its ridiculous and a waste of our tax dollars. The judicial system is just another corrupt business which wants to keep their steady flow of paychecks.

  4. As much as I am for being able to do whatever you want on your downtime the company stated in their policy you are not allowed to use marijuana she did a drug test after she had fallen and her drug test came back positive it's on her

  5. It’s great that you can drink yourself retarded, drive, and wake up not knowing what you fucked on a Saturday night but when Monday morning comes around you’re perfectly fine and it’s out of your system. The problem is marijuana stays in your system too long 🙁

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