Weed killer is causing the bee genocide

The weed killer Roundup is deadly for bees, according to an alarming new study. Scientists found that exposure to the popular product decimated bees’ …


  1. 1. Bee populations have been making a comeback. 2. Monsanto doesn't exist anymore. 3. Glyphosate isn't the only herbicide being used. 4. Honeybees aren't native to the United States. 5. Find another method of food production before you rail against the only one we have right now that keeps food insecurity at bay- rich white people aren't the only ones who have to eat, so Whole Foods isn't going to cut it for the rest of us.

  2. Glyphosate reducing bee gut microbiomes is a huge jump away from "causing the bee genocide." Bees are facing a complexity of problems, not just this herbicide, that all need addressing. Non-native European honeybees are competing for resources with native bees. The commercialization of native bumblebees for agricultural pollination is spreading diseases. Habit destruction for urbanization and monoculture agriculture is taking away their food sources and nesting sites. Neonicotinoids and other pesticides are also suspected of being at fault.

    I would like to know if glyphosate is also reducing other gut biomes, including human and what impacts that may have.

  3. This is not news. This has been known for years. Why hasn't Monsanto been stopped producing this bad product? As an avid gardener, I have noticed the decline in the bee population.

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