Treating Parkinson’s with Cannabis – Super Simple Explanation

The Vashon Island Parkinson’s Group invited Shaping Fire podcast host Shango Los to explain the very basics of treating Parkinson’s with cannabis on August …


  1. Shango Los: If I may ask, I have a 92 year-old father that in 2014 or 2015 was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease' which has alarmingly progressed, he recently operated of 'subdural hematoma'. I really want to try the tincture with CBD & THC, but I was informed that that the medication he is taking states that the medication cannot be used with alcohol and THC marijuana. Me myself I've never heard of this type of warning. My question is if true can I use just the tincture with only CBD to help with my Dad's Parkinson's? I have to do something because iIt tears at me part to see my Dad that was extremely independent succumb to Parkinson's.

    Any positive reply will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Great Shango to share so much information, thank you so much for it. Please keep on, and think about having your own you tube channel, that would be fantastic, and I am sure it will help a lot of people.

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