Here is an interactive map that is supposed to depict all of the Licensed Medical Marijuana Facilities in Michigan. It says it was last updated on September 9th, so it might be incomplete, but these facilities are NOT going to shut down on October 31. I can only speculate on their inventory, but this map is what I am going by at this point in time:


    Weedmaps also lists facilities that aren't licensed by the STATE yet. It is anyone's guess if any of those disp[ensaries are waiting for licenses and weather or not they will be opened on November 1st.

    WARNING FOR PHOTOSENSITIVITY PATIENTS: STROBE LIGHT AT 17:20 Sorry about the strobe light in the video of me. I didn't realize I had it on battery only power.

  2. WOW Love it Brandon —- brain shutdown(mine) Blaze my garfield cat, didn't come home, way to long ago. he found me from his little piece of "heaven" in Colorado. Unbelievable, incredible, amazing. Oh, Video is really good . i'm so confused

  3. it's not "true that" these boards don't know what they're doing. bull. they know. or they should know, due to their positions of management or whatever they're claiming they are. they are not elected by the people to do this, as the people never said they wanted it. they are invaders and interlopers dictating to the people all these rules that magically transform into laws where you will go to jail if you violate. or the rules lock each and every one of us out of the system with fees and regulations that only large corps can comply with. these are deceivers and they're taking over all the plants of the people. and stupid stupid people just sit back and let it happen.

  4. the boards are an extension of the lobbyists. they are not separate entities except by fraud. they keep the rules loose and free (for them) to keep forward momentum on their racket, their shell game. keeps everyone guessing and in uproar. psychological operation while they set up a new medical marijuana system where you can only have what they give you.

  5. So we find out which ones they open and boycott them,and fuck there store up. Cocksuckers. Sorry my real peeps,shit burns me up. If they/you don't use get the fuck out. Because you have no compassion are only $$ driven. If they wasn't then they would allow us Compassionate,caring ones to move forward to keep true medical side.

  6. Class action lawsuit for 66% of the citizens of the state of MICHIGAN! FUCK THE LAW MAKER'S! THIS IS NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR! can you think of a better reason to get rid of Bill Schutti, and our whiny government officials? VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT!!! IJS

  7. Brando. It would be awesome if you made these videos into podcasts. Even if it's only audio. The way you present video isnt*** needed for podcasting. I'd listen to you all day at work man. Just thought I'd bring it up.

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