Researching the Health Effects of Marijuana

Politics, prejudice, and pressure coming from both sides adds to the complexity of cannabis research. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at …


  1. I don't think cannabis lowers your motivation, it gives you greater clarity to truly not give a shit about unimportant nonsense. Most of our daily lives are unimportant bullshit. Google " we are the Millers haircut scene" to see what I mean.

  2. Long Term Brain Damage? wtf? Show me the research on that. Compared to what? Too many variables to be making a statement like that. I'm waiting for the Israel studies to be cited.

  3. "Research done on the internet is bad medicine"? so, what you are spewing, is what? bad medicine. You have to have the anecdotal , to provide emphasis for the research. Somebody is always trying to prove somebody else wrong. Human games, weird earthlings. Avoid the "researching" of the plant. It is a WHOLE FOOD, smoking it is like fructose to oranges. If you don't have the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, then you don't know Jack. 1 oz of green plant per day, in yer smoothie. Beats Kale!

  4. Everytime I smoke it makes me really paranoid and sometimes I start to see and hear things and freakout nobidy ever believes that weed does this to me but no matter what weed I smoke I always ended up a mess does anyone know why? I know some people that weed actually helps their anxiety but it just makes mine sooo much worse.

  5. Veganize, legalize, tax, and regulate all drugs, food, and anything else that has to do with the unnecessary use of animals effectively immediately!!! Everybody has a right to harm themselves, but nobody has a right to harm others in the process of harming themselves living principled to basic rights of all sentient living beings. There is no counterargument to veganism nor exists a justification for any human being modernly to not become vegan immediately and for life, therefore the only reasonable and rational conclusion is to become vegan immediately and for life.
    Educate yourself the truth, about veganism, and make the transition to veganism everyone:
    Fully watch speech and Q&A to interpret the vegan message best:

  6. After a lifetime of cannabis use, I can say the only negative has been the cost and having to kinda hide in the shadows. I'm happy to see this beautiful and versatile plant become mainstream and treated like the medicine it is.

  7. I highly doubt cannabis vaporized would show brain damage at all if any degree compared to smoked canbabis. If THC caused any clinically significant brain damage …marinol would likely not be a prescription and Marinol is synthetic patented THC. Also about damage. How can any neuroscientist find what damage is in every brain? How do we know brain damage can't be good for an individual? They use ECT therapy that causes a temporal stroke in the brain surely that must "damage" the brain but it's damaged in a way which supposedly helps the patient.

    "They say that pot makes you unmotivated…LIES…I can do everything stoned that I can Sober I just realize it's not worth the effort."
    -Bill Hicks

  8. Terence McKenna had a great memory. I think smoke from marinuana is the most negative thing if studies used temperature controlled vaporizer "heat not burn" technology …. Researchers would beenifit greatly.

  9. Yep in the US you need approval from the DEA to conduct your study- and they have a clear bias against any research intended to find beneficial uses of it. A significant portion of the funding goes outside of the country- so less waves are made and they are able to cherry pick their results better.

    According to Raphael Mechoulam who was the first person to isolate and synthesize THC- our nation is responsible for paying for the majority of all marijuana research, ever performed.

    One reason it is only recent that so much news is coming out, it is because it was not until the mid 80's did we even know that cannabinoid receptors exist. We have known about opioid receptor system for almost 200 years. Only half a dozen years later was the second receptor class found. It also does an incredibly wide range of things most other drugs do not do- which really genetics is revealing the most effectively.

  10. Dr Greger what about studies on pot oil curing cancer? Ive heard of places you can go in the US where they've had great success in treating cancer patients with cannabis oil. Any studies out there?

  11. Dr. Greger, I’ve been “studying” pot use since I was 17. It’s very safe, not very patentable yet very profitable and that’s why it is very illegal. Until this safe plant is at least decriminalized federally all of your calls for “more research” are putting the cart before the horse to put it politely. This series, which has nothing to do with plant based nutrition, is embarrassing at best. Have you invested in synthetic CBD? If synthetic CBD does become viable will you advocate for continued prohibition and incarceration for producers and users of natural cannabis? Just where do you stand, really? Never mind, Dr. G, I will be unsubscribing for now, but will check in now and then to see if you are still posting videos of things about which you know nothing. It really is lamentable that NutritionFacts have decided to abandon dispensing vital whole food plant based diet information in favour of this anti-pot pseudo-politico-scientific activism.

  12. Agree with 2:45. Weed is like any other drug, and it has bad side effects too, but people act like it’s perfect and harmless. For one, it tends to make anxiety worse over time and we’re already in the middle of an anxiety epidemic… (and for the record I smoked for three years and loved it before I got off the stuff)

  13. Who cares the common folks cannot get it without getting arrested anyway. I cannot understand why people are not free to use natural plants as their liking. Who give some individuals the power to decide over all the rest of humanity??? Perhaps time to get our freedom back?

  14. You can't have something that can be smoked and then effect someone who doesn't want any effects. This is a huge reason you just can't legalise it. As a medicinal drug it 'could' be good.

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