Police warn of THC in fruity vaping cartridges

Police in New Jersey want parents to be aware that THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its high, can be hidden in sweet-smelling vape liquids popular with …


  1. Weed good for you cigarettes bad for you what is legal under our government something that kills you does the government care no why because it makes them money more hospital bills more funerals speak the truth why smoke something legal and die or smoke something illegal but live?

  2. They should be more worried about the fact that anything can be put in these. You can have a pen that says it’s a thc pen and really there’s only 10% thc and the rest god knows what with pesticides and other poisonous ingredients!

  3. Ermagerd. .. and I bet it's cbd. …Marijuana carts aren't easily available ….. and emergency room????? Pahahaha. …. let's freak ouf….but don't worry about nicotine vapes…or alcohol that comes I fruity flavors

  4. Oh my god, pineaplle and blueberry flavoured THC cartridges are extremely dangerous and can send you straight to the ER! please watch out for these and report any suspicious activity of such vape use to the authorities

  5. Damn reminds me of my good ol days when I was in middle school we didnt have anything that low key we would just smoke bluntsvor joints in lunch put some axe on that's how hard we had it not like these youngsters now and days thc in Vape pens the games changing.

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