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  1. So I just moved in a new house January and had a garden bed prepared before we moved in. Well weeds started growing uncontrollably and fungus started appearing on the mulch. Not to mention the plants planted are beginning to die! So now I'm planning to rake up the mulch, remove the weeds, re plant, and put in new mulch. I will definitely follow your video to do so but any tips on planting some plants? Also this might be a dumb question but do you water the garden bed? Or just the spots where the plants are?

  2. For the most part, it was a great job….maybe shorten the sequences a little bit. However, 2 important items you over-looked are: 1) the 'rain spout drain line' empties right into the mulched bed which will wash away the mulch when it rains (a good job ruined). You should have put a 4" extension on the existing corrugated pipe and run the end into a pop-up out in the yard. A little extra work…but resolves the issue of a 'washout' in the bed. You should have included that in your estimate to the homeowner. 2) The next point was one of my 'pet peeves' when I was an owner of my landscaping company….always smooth the 'mulch line' against the house or retaining wall, walkway etc. so the visual line of mulch is nice and straight and not uneven and wavy. Another tip…is to use the back side of a pitch fork to smooth out the mulch when it is layed down. Lightly move the pitch back and forth over the 'lumpy' areas to smooth the mulch out. This will give a nice 'uniform/smooth' look to the entire mulched surface. Other than that….good video with important 'how to' information.

  3. When renovating an old bed that hasn't been properly serviced, do you remove the old mulch before putting down new mulch or lay it over the top of the old mulch? I just bought my first house and the flower beds are not in good condition at all.

  4. Omg you would die if you saw the way they mulched here at the apartments I live in. They literally put a mountain of mulch around every tree. I'm talking 6in – 1 and a half feet of mulch on these poor trees. Instead of hiring pros the owner got her husband & his 3 amigos to do it -it's BAD! Lol mulch EVERYWHERE too…I thought they got Michael J Fox pushing the wheelbarrow haha

  5. Hi there! I came across this video – great video by the way! Can you tell me if I can use a weed killer on top of existing mulch before I put new mulch on the garden? Will it work the same way? Also, I live in Canada and don't think I've seen the sprinkle kind of weed killer that you were using. We have Round Up here. Can you tell me the name of the stuff you were using…please? How deep should the edging be?
    I live in a VERY rocky area so edging is difficult to keep a smooth straight line because I am hitting rock that is huge (think and wide) and extremely difficult to dig up. Any suggestions on how I can keep smooth lines while edging? And what do I about tree roots when edging? Thanks for your time 😊

  6. I like your video. Very helpful about tamping the mulch to keep in place. But why didn't you smooth out the border edges? Seems like there are some edges that need to be fixed in the video. Also, during cleanup in the fall do you blow off the mulched areas? It is a pet peeve of mine that my landscapers seem to remove most of the mulch by blowing out the few leaves in the beds during a cleanup. Is there a better way to do it? Should the leaves just be left to provide nutrients to the bed?

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