Lex Luger On Being Sober From Pills and Lean After 7 Years Of Use, Hospitalized 4 Times

Editor’s Note: Even though Lex Luger mentioned the phrase “off the record” during this interview segment, he gave us permission to use it anyway. Suffolk, VA …


  1. Lex you're kind of making me feel like quitting now my drug use now. I started using hard drugs early like 13 years old. Doing mdma cocaine mda lsd shrooms xananx rivitrol Ativan oxycodone hydros dillys heroin fent. I don't even know how I'm alive. I swear I oded at least 20 times severely but now I have health issues from it all. I'm 27 now kidney issues and heart issues, a lot more. Now I'm on prescribed Methadone 150mg a day, lyrica 600mg a day, Xanax 8mg a day, rivitrol 2mg a day, Imovane 7.5mg a day, Vyvanse 80mg a day, clonidine 0.3mg a day, Cesemet 2mg a day. Remeron 30mg a day…..I'm fucking sick and tired of being sick and tired. This shit ain't helping and costs me $106 a week. I'm so depressed. I also did a gram of heroin not long ago after years of being clean…and just bought 4mg Xanax bars 150 of them. Fuck man, I'm so afraid of the withdrawals.

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