1. Seems like that he meant every word, and straight from his heart to but………I wonder how he will feel if he wins this fight? Will the same depression come back.? If he does beat (BOMB SQUAD!) will he have any ambition to fight again? It could be 'Done that been there'. I hope he doesn't go to that dark place ever again , because deep down it it could just trigger that terrible illness to return no matter how little the prob is. I say this because since I was about 11yrs old I started to drink , almost every day until I was around 24 yrs of age after losing my little baby girl.then every day I just drank more and more till IWAS getting black outs . I didn't even want to wake up after a while I went to the Drs and told her everything then she was going to send me to rehab, I said I don't want to go rehab.This was the turning point, the dr laughed at the top of her lungs and said " Are you telling me you are going to do it on your own with no help? It can't be done, not just by yourself! And you'll be the first person I've met if you did do it all by yourself. That laugh she did after opening up my heart to her even telling her about losing my baby felt to me she really doesn't give a shit about me sitting there. So after I left ,I had more determination than I ever had to give up the drink plus I had booked a holiday to Butlins for the rest of my kids and wife and it was three months away and I was determined it would be the first time to be sober with my kids. I did phone AA as the cravings were getting to much and I thought of hitting the bottle again. The AA man on the phone asked me why was I giving up the drink , I started by saying I want to be sober for my kids and wife when we go on holiday……..he stopped me in mid sentence and said……listen forget it I said why? He said you have to give it up forYOURSELF FIRST! not for anybody on earth , you will have to WANT to give it up. At the moment booze is controlling you, You have to control it . You are going to learn to pass a pub without goin in. And for the moment u have to give up all friends and family who drink. It's going to be one of the hardest thing you are ever going to do but if your successful then one day you will be able not just pass a pub but even go in one with your past family and friends and be able to buy alcohol for them and a soft drink for yourself of course then he wished me luck. I just like Tyson sat alone in my bedroom then really thought what I was gna do? Could I even do it? I made my mind up and cried out like a baby knowing I'll never Ever be able to drink alcohol ever again! It was like losing my friend , booze was my best friend and I was already missing it.From that day to this I've never touched a drop. (I can go in pubs and buy anything for me and my friends it gets easier and easier one day at a time is a success to me. Don't get me wrong I would do anything to have a beer and sometimes on a hot day and we are on holiday and I pass a pub with some of the guests are outside drinking lovely cold lager the cravings still are hard to put up with. But taking it one day at a time is the only way to beat it . Because one day turns into your first week then it turns into your first fortnight then your first month then your first year. It is hard but every day without alcohol made me stronger and built up my resistance and cravings go weaker and weaker.You get your self confidence back while before you could only get that confidence back through the booze. If ANYBODY READING THIS WANTS TO GIVE IT UP and I know you will have that fear in your stomache that makes you go to the off license to buy beer to stop that fear you have EVERYDAY YOU WAKE UP THE FEAR IS THERE.And don't care what any person who has a drinking problem and says they don't get THE FEAR are lying. I thought when I was a drinker that I was the the only man in the world who had that fear! But guess what? I'm not the only one ,and when I found out ALL problem drinkers have the same fear, well it made me feel great! When they have a drink they think they are big and brave., But next day the FFEARS COME BACK , that's why if ur ever in a row with a drunk , don't do nothing just walk away then like I did go see them next day especially when they got the fears, you will see this hard as rock has turned into a quivering apologetic little man .I WISH EVERY PROBLEM DRINKER/DRUG USER WHO WANTS TO GIVE UP ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD.AND REMEMBER ONE DAY AT A TIME (Just wanna put this little end to my storey . My daughter Who is now a teacher fell out with me because I was drinking so much, didn't talk for a year. Then a year to the day I had given it up, I received a card from her I opened. It and started to sob ….it read……WELL DONE DAD….. SO PROUD OF YOU …….LOVE BECKY. XXX.
    P.S (I am now aged 57)

  2. joe your an arse tickler, if Tyson fury can get you out of that, come over here so I can put something in youre head. I've always liked Tyson fury, he's better than he thinks he is. He has the ability to be a bit of a tosser.

  3. Training helped me a lot.I was of the best athletes in the country and I suffered a big eye injury which left me almost blind on that eye so I had to stop training and put around 40kg(90 lbs).So, I got from the highest heights to the lowest in just one day.Almost all 'friends' abandoned me, family too(all had their issues with health, jobs etc.) and it was hard 5 years for me.In that period of time I manage to finish 2 years of college with good marks.I don't how I managed to do that, seems imposible to me.But, I was feeling dead inside, everything was automatically like a machine.I had some girls and never managed to have long relationships.Probably with depression I had some form of anxiety too since I don't liked to be around people(specially new).Over a year since I started training I am feeling a lot better, having the strongest time of my life.Very dedicated to training, school and community work.I realised when I am busy, I am good.
    Go out there and just make small steps, it's a process.The mistakes are part of the life so don't be discouraged by them.Use them as a motivation.
    Believe in what you wish.
    If someone needs any help or more explanation, just comment or mesage to me, I will try to help.

  4. What Tyson is describing (the goal setting both short term and long term) is great but sometimes a person needs medication to get themselves to that point.
    It's not an either or. The two can be used in conjunction. Use the medication until you get to a point where you are self sustaining and don't need it anymore.

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