How to Treat Weed Dealers, According to a Weed Dealer

It’s easy to make a wrong move when you’re buying weed—asking too many questions, wasting a dealer’s time, canceling an order last-minute—but at the end …


  1. yea u wait for ur pizza when u go to a pizza place but they when they tell u ur pizzas gonna be out in 15 minutes it’s usually out in 15 minutes not a fucking hour.

  2. How to treat your weed customers according to weed customers.

    1. Don't sell me an ounce which is under by an 1/8th
    2. Don't leave me hanging around for an hour whilst you finish watching spongebob when you said you be there in 20mins
    3. I don't care about your problems I got my own shit hence why I'm smoking weed.

  3. My first time buying was last year and I feel I got too impatient with the man. He was really nice, and I should've been nicer to him. Also, I had him come to me, which I didn't realize how awful that was. I was very nervous but that's no excuse. I haven't texted him since. Should I apologize to him? Is it too late? Would he care?

  4. Dealers like this makes me happy knowing I won't need to put up them anymore once weed is legalized in Canada. Things will be more consistently to the point, helping me be on my way asap. :]

  5. I'm commenting on this video because Vice is nothing but sensitive pussys who decided to disable the comments from a about knife violence in the uk and they can't handle people questioning the strict gun regulations in the UK and why it's ineffective. good job vice, good luck trying to prove to people your a Bi-partisan news organization.

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