Global Health News Episode #30 | BPA & Chemicals That Cause Cancer | CBD | Mental Health

Many plastics contain Bisphenol A (BPA) that can cause obesity, metabolic damage, and more. So, of course, we are looking for that BPA-free sticker! But did …


  1. I own the truth about cancer, the truth about vaccines, and your books. I really appreciate your work. There maybe one thing that you should look more closely at, and that is Stevia. Another channel I follow is Reluctant Preppers. They have Dr. Jay Nielsen, MD on often. He has had many issues, personally, with Stevia. He's talked about it in several interviews. I wish I could remember the episodes, but I don't. They were in 2018. Take care, keep up the good work.

  2. If Nestle "higher up" wants to make products healthier they need to remove the bad "natural flavoring/flavors" additive that contains so much junk it's making the public sick. It's not really natural … is a generated chemical with a bunch of unhealthy products all wrapped up into the title "natural flavors/flavorings". It is not a naturally occuring flavor as they imply through the name and most people eating packaged foods do not know this. It's an additive put in products. Nice video! Thank you

  3. You guys are great! Just started reading "Drug Lord" by Doug Casey and John Hunt. Provides more great info on the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. Its one book in the High Ground series

  4. Always love what you guys do to educate the masses Ty and Charlene, I just finished listening to this episode, but it was very difficult, just to let you know, you need to record your recordings a lot louder, I couldn't hear you all to well, even with my volume at max. Cheers, Dan.

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