1. This is an amazing story. I haven't seen anything but positive comments about this song from those struggling and those who are still in recovery. I have a long story as well but I am just two weeks away from one year 100% clean. I wish I could help everyone struggling but the best thing I can say from my own experience is that it will get easier I promise. At 5 months clean I still felt like I was going to be a junkie forever and that the emotions we're going to be the end of me. But through time and remembering who I really was and loving myself again I know that I will never go back to that life. You have to be the change you want to see. It sounds easier said than done but please to those who are struggling you can do it. youre amazingly strong, you are worth it, you deserve to live, you will succeed.

  2. I can relate to so much from this song. I love it. plz don't stop making music . it helps me get through each day knowing other ppl have been where ive been and when ppl can relate and understand. thank you

  3. If you've never lived it then your not allowed to speak about it!!
    22 months clean and sober.
    This song is real.
    I'm doing this for every friend I've ever lost.. I'm doing what it takes so my daughter will never see me high..

  4. He droped the mic on it…watch functioning addic's witch we use to call geeks..u no ur doing rong. When people lose their house .. And their signing title to their car over for another hit…god show's us sign's up to us to have eyes open anuff to see what ur doing…after i seen that waz it for me ..and got away from people that didnt see what waz happin….cut them people out of ur life

  5. I lost my younger sister who was a week shy of her 20th birthday in 2004. She had no chance the 1st time she used heroine. I miss her. Jennifer Lee Raphael Sinka Andrews RIP and I love you. Your with mom now. RIP Mom- Matilda Acoman (Alcohol poison) laid to rest in 1998.

  6. I used to shoot meth everyday multiple times. While using i never cared. It was bad i could watch my self through my own eyes and be disgusted while pushing the syringe trying to ascend. Nothing mattered to get my fix i did things i never thought i would. Ive been down to the bottom numerous times but i can say ive been clean for 122 days now. And its hard some days but im not going to let my dad down my niece down and ultimately my self. I cant afford that choice again. I want to say thank you man!

  7. well 2 all my fans. 1 thing……. fuck every 1 of u. waaaass. man up. step up. b a man or woman 4 the first time and go old school. 1 time. man up and step to the plate. put yr weapons down and go 1 on 1. ill pick up up and shake u off aftet i knock u the fuck out. but bottom line is. man the fuck up and go old schooll. or take yr cowwardy ways and open yr mouth and eat a dick. God knowz yr old lady does. fucking cowwards without a. purpous. yr either scoop goofs and cody scotts. either way. yr all a load that should of bin swallowed

  8. I used for years i dropped from 185 to 123 quick top of my feet are all scared up the day my wife now called me and told me she was prego i flushed the rest of my ball and walked a good 13 miles spun outa my head and here it is 8 years later and still clean all i can say to the ones that are goin through the hard struggle is keep ur faith up HE is up there jus call on HIM.

  9. Just discovered this artist I've been a hardcore addict for 10yrs and have serious Lymphadema bc of it….. This song really hits home every time I wanna use all I hear is colicchie saying "I'm doing what it takes so my daughter never sees me high" I 100% relate to this artist and most of his work! Amazing work Colicchie! You've been a big factor in my sobriety my hands were 10x what they were supposed to be almost to the point of never being able to hold my daughter again. I truly appreciate your dedication and drive to keep your head straight 😊

  10. This song is real af. Shit makes me think hard afI was on meth/ice and pain pills for 4 years and can proudly say I been Clean 10 months and I'm 8 months pregnant with my miracle baby and getting married My baby daddy knew what I was up to and he didn't give up on me he sat there n held my hair while I was sick n getting clean he didn't leave my side like everyone else did this song sounds like my past when I was high. I'm 25 years old n I fucked my life up early. But this is my time to fix it.

  11. Show your kids the strung out crazy looking people talking to then self's In the streets that's one of the reasons I never did it meth takes lives look up the crystal meth poem if you haven't

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