1. I'm pretty sure they will be using CBD (cannabidoil) rather than
    THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). So you will not get high but it has many health benefits such as helping with anxiety, depression, back pain, arthritis and many more.

  2. Coca cola is the worlds best product flat out period if they put marijuana in cocacola then i believe they will be doing one of the greatest things in history. Just dont make it addictive please, wait up coca cola is already addictive for all the good reasons

  3. It's not a secret who is what now days I knew it would come out something's can't be hidden and they walk around like they're something special lol oh yes they special alright and the most high has a special prize for them that they really deserve

  4. Utter rubbish. Cannabis is extremely hydrophobic and poorly absorbed in the gut. Also, oral ingestion produces the metabolite 11hydroxyTHC which makes many feel ill. Hippies never learn.

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