Closet AutoFlower Grow – MONTH 1 – NEW STRAIN REVEAL (crop king seeds) CDB CHEESE & SOUR GIRL

HIGH This is a documentary on how to grow LEGAL ACMPR cannabis for medical reasons. This is the 1st month update of my NEW closet grow, im using a …


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  2. I'm puffing on a hybrid i created I call tom petty no joke also for what I'm growing at least a few dozen or more of my hybrids which I've got 25 so far if u ever want to take a look on fb or Instagram its Eclectix Genetix I consider it artisan cannabis as u know its a art so is breeding got a hybrid called sessions trump no joke taste unlike anything I've ever had no joke but you're plants look good keep up the great work and good videos

  3. Nice actually starting to germinate some seeds i got 2 years ago from jungle boys ..i havent grown for a few years ..wish me luck..haha

  4. I have been thinking of getting a meizhi 450 or a hipagero 400w cob . Both are around the same price, also I know realistically I will need 2 but am on a budget also, so currently weighing up how to make the first purchase. Good luck with the grow look forward to the next one.

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