1. Sam here. Thanks for watching the first full episode of Dimension 20: Fantasy High! You can watch TWO MORE full episodes right now on DROPOUT.TV. We'll be releasing whole first half of the season for free right here on YouTube in the coming weeks. The second half of the season will only be available on DROPOUT. As of TODAY, DROPOUT is now available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand! More countries are coming soon!

  2. This is the first time for me to find a DnD game that I'm willing to follow and enjoy in all its length. It's amazing, botg Brennan and the cast do a great job at being part of the narrative and create a fun atmosphere. Also, that twist!!

  3. This is why I love DnD. Because even though it has the basic mechanics, you can really morph it around to suit any setting you want. Like a DnD high school? That's awesome! I really wish I had a group near me because I've been wanting to play a campaign for the longest time and doing it online just doesn't have the same feel to it, so thank you for doing this. Definitely tempted to purchase Dropout just so I can be sure I'll get the rest of the episodes.

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