Canopy Growth CEO on cannabis sell-off

Bruce Linton, Canopy Growth CEO, discusses the volatile moves in cannabis stocks just a week after Canada legalized recreational marijuana use.


  1. Canopy isn't overvalued at all when you consider the broader market outside of Canada. You could make an argument that the global market is priced in somewhat to their valuation but theres no doubt this a massive industry and Canopy is #1 right now, valued at 11-12 billion with 4 billion in cash in a market that could be 200 billion in less than 5 years, thats no joke. Its funny that people say its overvalued but at the same time love to invest in stocks like Amazon with a PE of over 100.

  2. Tweeds weed is horrible. Only smoked one med company that was decent if you ask me the guys that have been growing since the 80's know what they're doing weed is top quality and cheaper like 100$ cheaper an oz. Not hard to see that they will all sink and the guys that know what they're doing will still make the money. Old guy down the road making money because his product is good and what people have been smoking for decades.

  3. It seems marijuana will take profits away from big pharmaceuticals.

    Buy on each pull back of the stock. The more the world opens up to marijuana, the higher the stock price (no pun intended).It should double each year for the next four years.

  4. They are selling their stocks because this is going to tank big time. They only sell it by the gram and you get one under weighed gram in a box for $13.00 or $360.00 for an ounce which is highway robbery. Then you have a bunch of idiots running the show who know jack shit about weed but they don't care because the Government legalized it for the Government, not the people.

  5. "I'm still looking for a good use for crypto" uh, someone should inform him that you can get a visa debit card linked to your bitcoin wallet that automatically converts to whatever currency the vendor accepts when you go to spend it. You can buy anything with crypto that you can buy with a regular visa card….

  6. Good. Canada's only 1/10th the size of the U.S. Besides. Way too overpriced. My guy has been consistent for 20 years. Faster, better quality, and cheaper. I'm not paying for fancy packaging. If I want dessert, gimme haagen dazs. Edibles are too weird feeling. If I have pain, I'll take a Vicodin. If I'm bored as shit listening to the in-laws I'll get baked. Crypto bubble 2.0 let's remember- the ORIGINAL Crypto was the funky skunk weed you had in high school you had to wrap in 4 bags to keep from getting suspended

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