1. Traded APH Overnight at 16.50 and added other half of entry today at 16

    Learnt a nice lesson today to share: be happy to capture the predictable part of the move and get out green even if you see it go higher afterward.

    During the 10:45AM – 12:10 sideways consildation I sold into the resistance of 16.95 as we kept rejecting from it and couldn't break it like 6 times. At the time of this consolidation we could have no idea whether it will break upward or downward, though the build up toward resistance of 16.95 turnt out to be a rising triangle bull flag during the consolidation it still would have been a guessing game as it wasn't so clear until after the break. So I sold into the 16.95 resistance at 12:05, into the same 5 minute candle stick that broke out. Thinking I could do the insurance thing and buy it the second it breaks for a few pennies more.

    Once it finally broke it did have some nice follow through and went on to break high of day at 17.08 to 17.24, but I didn't get back in on the breakout as I felt the real easy predictable part was over for me.

    By trading in this fashion, I feel a lot more comfortable and have a lot more consistent wins. Not trying to nail bottoms or tops and being content with only capturing the predictable part of the move, then moving on the next perfect set up.

    Hope some of you can relate to this.
    Much love to Dan for the videos.

    (P.S Dan if you wanna share any thoughts on this, would be much appreciated)

  2. How many tickers do you trade in a typical day or at the same time? Do you narrow it down to one or two good setups and stick with it throughout the day? I'm all over the place with alerts and alarms, and I think it's just driving me insane.

    My position sizing would never be adequate to take advantage of a 40 cent move in CGC. What size(% of account) would you typically trade this? When you quote % position are you talking about account size(cash) or day trading margin?

    I apologize for asking, but I'm actually losing more trades than ever recently, so I can't afford to not ask. I need to dig deeper and find out if it's more related to mechanics or the initial setup.

  3. I sold about half my position in APH at $18.57… but rebought some of it too soon at $16.79 when it looked like (to me at least) that it was going to bounce. Ooops. I guess tomorrow is another opportunity to get some more even cheaper? Or should I wait… gah, I'm terrible at this.

  4. I love your videos and no offence but I think you are overestimating your reach. The reason for the early buy in at the end of the day to the oversold bounce is because of people watching your videos and reacting/adjusting? Hmmm..

  5. Thanks again. I'm more a "long-term investor". Have been able to trade around CGC with your help now just have house money in. Have been waiting for APHQF to come to me to get back in….so glad you suggested waiting but think I'll start nibbling tomorrow. Also love those Icelandic horses…they totally cheered me up one day when I was traveling solo there.

  6. Aphria October 12th earnings, they;re going to have shareholder meeting on Nov 2nd (where they will bring in the EX Diageo CEO onto their board of directors). Aphria will uplist on NYSE as well and then close the Diageo deal and blow Canopy the f*** out the water

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