1. Wow, really appreciate the fast turnaround on my request to cover MYM! Didn't sound too promising… going to look into BE to study a possible switch. Thanks for the great video. I like the ones where you focus on the big players but I first subscribed because I liked the way you covered pretty much every meaningful stock.

  2. Why Auxly is $1.22 and not $6? 1) they dilute their shareholders up the ass 573.65M shares outstanding and the market cap is only 699.85M 2) It's ran by shady management aka Chuck Rifici and crew. https://www.cantechletter.com/2018/05/cannabis-wheaton-bought-deal-is-puzzling-andrew-mccreath-says/ 3) They give zero fukkks about their investors unlike Canopy not to mention he was co founder with Bruce on Tweed back in the day before Bruce gave him the boot. How do I know they don't give a fuk? Management at Auxly lent shares to MM Cap to short against their own company and funny enough MM cap used that bought deal at 1.40 to cover their short positions.

  3. Tiko once again great video, really enjoy your videos,especially your fibbs, your teachings are priceless, wish you all the best in your new project.

    Sold my auxly shares,(i think they don´t move higher because of the shares outstandidng), i will add to my winners APH,HEXO, N.

    Best regards and good trades.

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