Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union

Is the European Union good for Europe? Or would Europeans be better off without it? Nigel Farage, a leader of the United Kingdom’s Brexit movement, shares …


  1. The main reason the voters in the UK turned out and voted to leave the EU is immigration. We are sick to death of the open border policy that is literally ruining our country. We were lead to believe that this would change. Now dont call me a racist. This has nothing to do with race or skin colour. Its has everything to do with hundreds of thousands of people coming here just to claim benefits and free health care. These services are being crushed by this influx of people. And they have not paid a penny in tax towards its upkeep. The statistics that the government spout, that immigration is beneficial, is utter BS. I dont know how they twist the facts to make it seem positive, but I can tell you from experience, immigration is destroying the fabric of the UK. And the politicians will not go near this subject uncase they are labelled racist. I weep in frustration.

  2. I for one can't wait to finally leave the corrupted EU, to make our own laws/rules , in recent months alls we've seen is threats and bullying from the likes of macron, Michel Barnier and the other fools, It reaffirms why so many of us voted for Brexit in the first place. It's just a shame that we have in fighting in our political parties , the people made there choice to leave and it should be respected instead of everyone pulling in different directions. The EU is a failing economic model.

    Britain has been one of the leading countries in the world for half a millennia and we have done this because of our ingenuity and capabilities, not because we have been lead by bureaucrats.

    Project fear is in full swing with media outlets suggesting that we'll struggle with food and medicine amongst other things , it's a big world out there and with the likes of the US, Canada and Australia saying they will be glad to do more business with us I'm excited for the future of the UK away from EU bureaucrats . RULE BRITTANIA 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. Nice piece of propaganda. WRONG: No single Belgian buerocrat did decide for Britain in the European decision-making system. Everything passes Parliament and the Council where Britain had its say. PARTY WRONG: The Commissions president is elected and the wholw commission may be removed by parliament. Just it's "ministers" are unelected – just like they are in Britain. MISINFORMATION: Britain would have to do less fsshing at any circumstance – either by EU regulation, transnational agreement or untimately by absence of fish. TRUE: The parliamentary circus is nonsense. What did Briatin do to stop that?

  4. The oppression on the people is carried out by 52% Rothschild owned IMF private bank, that gets to dictate to governments of the EU, austerity programmes that are to be placed on the people, in order to meet the repayments of vast quantities of debt that has been created from thin air LITERALLY! via THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF USUARY AND FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING. Rothschild, Rockefella and the other 11 elite I mean CRIMINAL CARTEL families must be BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. So mote it be…

  5. Rothschild is behind the enslavement of the EU via the maastricht treaty. Which is a plan for a European superstate and will kill trade and economy. Farrage is right this system must be dismantled while it still can be.

  6. Hard Brexit please, you voted to STAY ON YOUR ISLAND! Long live the EU, in which the pros are certainly more numerous than the cons. It is quite sad if apparently your feeling of national identity is not strong enough to prevent you from feeling threatened by the EU… Well, not in my case, long live the Netherlands, a fantastic, independent and strong country flourishing within the EU!

  7. To the negative EU loving ppl leaving comments below, if you haven’t or don’t want to understand, you must be an EU sycophant ! EU have unelected president, he put himself forward and got the rest of the cronies to vote him him another term! Does that not bother you ppl? The ppl have no say and no vote !
    Then they make their own rules and push forward with their own plans and the ppl have to go with it!
    Then all EU countries have to take endless streams of refugees migrants, anyone who wants to settle anywhere in the EU can, there are terrorist among them killing ppl in Holland Germany Spain Italy uk, also you have to pay hundreds of millions per week to these eurocrats for the pleasure, Britain is one of the biggest contributors to help prop up other countries ! Enough said, just a couple of points to look at, have you sycophant ppl got it yet, the EU are all but finished !

  8. What he wanted to say was: the EU lacks reforming reforms, you see the EU in ITSELF is a reform. Obviously stupid laws need to be conquered, therefore it's quite useful to have the UK leaving to rethink bureaucracy.
    Thus Britain's Exit will be useless once it's complaints are tackled which they believe won't ever happen.
    In the end Britain is facing a greater threat: commonwealth-immigrants that segregate instead to assimilate. This is even worsened by EXTRA european immigration. I don't think we need the UK in Europe and I wish them all the best luck to seek a "Switzerland"-position (profit from the EU's profits and opt out it's negatives).

  9. At the entrance to the Visitors Centre of the European Parliament, there is a plaque with these words:

    “National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times….The only final remedy for this evil is the federal union of the peoples.”

    The EU hates the very existence of the nation states of Europe. What more do you need to know?

    It just blows my mind that their arrogance is so great that they hold such contemptible views and don't see the problem in putting them on show.

  10. Brasilian Midia, that are leftist in their majority, tried to tell us a diferent history, blamig the BREXIT leaders of facism, xenophobia, racism, and that the decision was taken against citizens will, even after the plebiscite results were annouced. They simply lie on TV and Websites without any regret!

  11. What I saw is the E.U. is run by a bunch of egotastic control freaks that demand all of your money; dump lots of young man into villages in what appears as an invasion and intent to practice genocide by importing hostile cultures; ban matches and tea pots (literally ban electric water pots) just to spite the British. They don't have self control; they are lining up the new mafia to be the Government. This is insulting, the British are paying for everything; the E.U. is dipping into everybody's banking accounts, because they don't legislate taxes, they just use your bank account: This is thieving, no matter how government it seems, because it is gross negligence, because you already have taxes. The lack of a capital is a bad sign, who owns the trucking company?

  12. Why you thing you know better than me and many like me? You have no idea?!? Voting to leave is clear why!!!! EU owns billions £ to UK. Money which EU stole ftom me, you and tax payers!

  13. Thank goodness for Brexit! Best thing to happen in Europe in ages the freedom of the UK from the Continentals. I can't think of anything better in decades for Britain!

  14. Because the UK is one of the real strongest nations with democracy. Once more we have a horrible empire in Europe destroying us. I hope UK finishes the EU and saves our European asses once more.

  15. According to this video, the UK decided to leave the European Union because they couldn't fish anymore… 😂 First of all, that's a terrible argument, jobs that ruin the environment should be reduced/cease to exist, obviously, I don't have a solution to this problem but two wrongs don't make a right. Secondly, Nigel Farage is a complete joke, please do not listen to him. If you want proof, look him up first saying that with Brexit the UK would stop spending 350M GBP on the EU every year as part of the Leave campaign, then watch him the morning after the vote take back his promise (yes he promised) on national television. This man doesn't know what he is talking about, he merely champions Brexit as a means to further his own political career. Ironic for someone shaming "faceless self-important bureaucrats". I'm not saying the EU is perfect, but it will be better in the out.

  16. So true… Speaking behalf of all of my friends and family within Finland… everyone i know wants our goverment to decide what to do without some EU big fishes telling us what not to do and what to do…

  17. The most impostant thing which practically no one has mentioned is that these African and Muslim immigrants breed like flies with large families which is why they are quickly overtaking the white population not just in Britain but in most of Europe, especially in the main cities where most of these immigrants and their numerous descendants live.
    They are also the cause of most crime in our cities.
    It would have been unimaginable for British people a few decades ago to see armed police and soldiers routinely on the streets of London and other European cities when crime was rare with very few immigrants, especially Muslims.
    We already have a Muslim Pakistani Mayor in London and a Muslim Home Secretary. I would not be surprised if Britain will also have a Muslim Prime minister in a few years time.
    Thanks to the brainwashing Media the British people do not realize that Europe is not their biggest problem.

  18. Mr. Farage, thanks for the eloquent speech, you keep bragging about what the UK will be able to accomplish without the ‘ 2nd bureaucracy’ , poor British fishermen who are allowed a certain quotum, but you did not mention NOT ONCE how much the UK received subsidies in billions from Brussels. Go stew in your own economy, just don’t come back begging to rejoin. The British people were not aware of the expected results of Brexit, why? Because you and Boris Johnson made no effort to elaborate on the consequences….unless you both are not knowledgeable enough in this matter. Poor Britons sent on a wild goose chase!

  19. June 23rd 2016???!!!! We actually left? We did? Why are we still handing over a ridiculoues amountof money? Why is May doing a 'Mavis' (I dont reeeaallly know?) if we've left the EU why arent we out? This is like trying to get a divorce in the UK when there isnt a really good juicy reason, just 2 concenting adults who have outgrown each other, nothing in common etc etc etc. But thats not good enough! They want DIRT, AFFAIRS, PERVERSIONS! otherwise NOPE CANT GET DIVORCED. Unless of course you've lived apart for 2 years? Well who the hell can afford to do that unless you sell the marital home but you cant do that until the divorce is all settled on who gets what? 'I dont really know' Mavis wants another year! She might know by then (doubt it!).

  20. Personally I voted to leave the EU because I didn’t want drunken old megalomaniacs I didn’t vote for, deciding my future. The UK never voted to join Soros’globalist superstate, they voted to join a trade/travel agreement. The EU screws the British worker and violates the fishermen while our woefully pathetic useless MPs turn a blind eye for “some reason £££”.

  21. Perhaps a few of the more militarily powerful countries within the EU can join forces and declare war on Belgium. They could then quickly conquer it, arrest all of the EU bureaucrats, and dismantle the EU permanently. This seems to me to be a much simpler solution than any that would involve using legal means from within.

  22. The peoples of Europe share the costs of trade negotiations and the standards within Europe In the modern world this is very costly as there are thousands of product type and hundreds of items in each type, and thats why these trade deals take years. This is what the EU is about. The British Parliament can make its own laws on every thing else. Fararge knows this unless he is really stupid . So this video is one big lie.

  23. I always listen to videos from PU because they are rational and respectful of the opinions of other persons, giving real meaning to the word universal implied in University. But this is the first completely irrational and self centered video I see from you, and it really lacks any objectivity.

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