Barack Obama | Anti-Christ | Heading to THE FINAL CHAPTER (2018)

As the beast Unleashes his plans for the world, several events emerges. It won’t be too long before we all witness the arrival of the son of perdition. Don’t panic …


  1. I don't know how Obama can be God when my attorney just told me that he is God.  So there are lots of Gods.   But the Bible says that the last antiChrist comes in HIS OWN NAME.  That would not be Obama. He is not even using his own true name. Remember he said you wont even see it coming.  That is because this person is NOT expected to be the one.  I give his name in my book called THE G ANTICHRIST.  I saw this man in a vision over 36 years ago as a handsome smiling white man and my child saw him as an ugly devil with two horns.  You owe it to yourself to read what the Lord has given me. Shalom Patricia Sunday Ministries

  2. Sorry, Americas wealth did NOT primarily come from slavery. That is a liberal, left wing lie. Slavery overall held America BACK. It is NOT a profitable system except for a very few individuals. For instance the North was much wealthier than the slave holding south when the civil war started.

    I still say that Obama is too STUPID to be THE Anti-Christ although he is certainly Anti-Christ in his speech and actions and is certainly EVIL enough. I guess the devil would do his thinking for him upon possessing him and he would have to because Obama is an evil nincompoop.

  3. More of that black Israelite cult, doing its cultural misappropriation. And you take that scripture from Dueteronomy out of context. Read it again,IN CONTEXT! Anytime the bible mentions blacks, it calls them Ethiopians. Every time! Disappointed, and unsubscribed!

  4. , Glad to make contact. I’m an old married guy.
    Are you prepared to pass the Revelation revealed Great Test ?
    Pass the Great Test and “reign with Christ” Rev 20
    Fail the Great Test and get eternal torment. Rev 14
    I post on FB & Twitter. Condensed account of my personal life is on my John Prewett FB page (“About – Life Events”). <—Read it !

    Jesus will return Prince Mahidol & his sons Kings Bhumibol & Ananda to this world
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    “those who wait upon the LORD (I’m waiting) shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary…” Isaiah 40:31

    A season of MORE "signs and wonders" will commence.
    Thailand will become Jesus's "burning bush" (emanating truth and indestructible) nation.
    All sane people want to be blessed.
    Real blessing comes from Jesus.
    Want to get all the blessing from Jesus that is available ?
    Over 40 years ago I was led to a gold mine.
    Getting gold out it every day. If were a common gold mine,
    I'd keep the location secret and keep all the gold for myself.
    But it's a special supernatural gold mine.
    For every person I can be used to get them to come and get gold out of this mine, I get some extra gold.
    So, I point out this gold mine to one and all ….
    Just one requirement to get gold out of this mine.
    Ya gotta believe the following:
    “BLESSED is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near" Revelation 1:3
    OK, I wasn't talking about earthly gold.
    I was talking something much more valuable. BLESSING.
    Get it while the gettins good
    Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.
    Globalist [“elites”] are top level minions of Satan, the “god of this world.”
    Globalist human kingpin is the pope
    Globalist had POTUS minions for decades
    Globalist have Trillions of $ with which to bribe
    Globalist have files on everybody that is anybody
    Globalist have death squads
    Globalist have access to all kinds of weapons
    Globalist have CIA – FBI minion.
    Globalist have MSMedia minion
    Globalist are creating the One World Government
    Globalist One World Government is ordained to come to be.
    Globalist have planned for decades
    Globalist will bring down Trump and the Nationalist and end “sovereign” USA and end the “sovereign” nations of Europe.
    Globalist will have nukes used to end the current world order.
    See Vatican’s FAZZINI sculpture named “Christ rising from crater of nuke blast”
    See St John the Divine Cathedral “sinister sites”
    Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.

  5. You made some connections I had not considered before and they made a lot of sense. This is a spiritual war and war on our minds/way of thinking. You should do a video on the latest season of American Horror story. The latest season is all about feminist killing men and Trump being a main focus in many episodes. I personally don't like to watch shows like American Horror story due to their obvious satanic nature but I watch them to see what the dark state has planned for us because they always tell us through the medium of entertainment like music, tv, etc. Stay steadfast in Jesus Christ my fellow christians and spread Jesus's love and teachings to those who do not believe even upon threat of death. It is better to die in service of Jesus than to be under the heel of the devil.

  6. Umm brother, I feel that I need to point out a true fact to you. Isreal became it own sovereign nation in 1948; now the prophercy says, that the true Hebrews will return to the land during the 70 year generation, up till now 2018. Now my question to you is. Why is that we have only seen white people heading back to Isreal from scattered lands as the bible explains. If the Hebrews were people of coloured skin, why haven't coloured people been heading back there, if that is what the prophercy explains to you? Not having a go, just pointing that out. Praise Jesus always, and protect Isreal always. This is a command from God.

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