🔴Live! Harvest 2018 Part 8 – Welker Farms Inc

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  1. What class combine is the CIH 2588? I sub to your channel and really like the job you do on live streaming. I assume you will do live streaming when you start seeding and look forward to the Big Bud episodes.

  2. Director of photography: LegArms; Director/Producer: Hollywood … Tinseltown, watch out .. you got yourself some competition 💪💪💪😎
    Awesome video as usual 🤘
    Brgds from 🇸🇪 Sweden

  3. time to lift some of that brand confusion
    -agco is a german campany that owns challanger(usa), fendt(German), massy furgisson(canadian), gsi(no origing listed) and valtra(finnish)

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