1. FYI, moon rocks aint powerful, and they AINT 99% thc. no bud has 99% THC. The purified pure thc crystals can be that high on a test and thats all. the highest levels for bud strains are high 30s and 40s, and I been smoking that shit since I was a teenager and nobody believed me herb could go over 30% for years. but now you can get it lol  a good 40% thc strain cannot be found on any market you have to know real cats to get it, and it knocks you down after a few tiny ass tokes, one small spliff will total like 5 seasoned smokers. And another FYI. Thc rapidly DEGRADES into CBD etc within hours from exposure to air, heat, light, humidity etc. Just time itself kills the thc. So its only 99% at the moment of testing. It would be like half that in a few days.

  2. You guys do realize that THCA is just activate THC? It's legit nothing different from actual thc other than the fact that you can eat products that contain THCA and get high compared to eating products with THC which is straight stupud and very uncommon. Fuckin uneducated stoners.

  3. Y’all retarded if u think that’s 99%, yeah Mayb the isolate but obviously the weed would b lookin like crack with green specks barely visible. Just sum click bait bs for u tards tht don’t really smoke. These goofys wack asf too.

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