Why The Black Community is Poor: Part 2

Hi guys, Like I said in the video, starting with the War on Drugs, this is the first in a short series of videos which are meant as a follow-up to one of my earliest …


  1. Pump the brakes there. We start with the most innocuous illegal drug, marijuana, and statistics about that one – then quickly move the conversation to all drugs and non-violent crimes without any sort of transition or relevant statistics – leading the watcher to believe that what you said about pot is the basis for the whole second half of the video. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty libertarian on these issues, you're logic just doesn't flow as well as it does in some of your other videos.
    Also, you clearly show that increased rates of arrest for drug use are due to increased police presence in low-income neighborhoods. However, what's not mentioned are the factors relevant to rates of prosecution or incarceration. Things like previous arrest record, quantity of substance, connections to other crime must be controlled for to really understand the racial disparity. It's unfortunate that in most conversations about inequality (racial, gender, lifestyle or otherwise), the concept of individual context is often lost.

  2. Josephine…I love everything about you. Smart, balanced, articulate and a lovely light shining through you. Enjoy your channel. Love from South Africa.

  3. Cool story, bro. Maybe next you can do a multi-part video on the sociological reasons why black women like you wear another race's hair on your heads while pandering to white people. Thanks in advance.

  4. Doing drugs is probably a crime because someone on crack is more likely to steal or do something stupid than someone that is sober. A drunk driver is more likely to kill someone than someone not drunk. Same concept. The act itself may not be a crime…..but it usually leads up to one. But I agree with everything else you said.

  5. I would love to see a discussion moderated by Steve Pakin from TVO with you and Desmod Cole and maybe John Moore, and maybe Evan Solomon from CFRB. Maybe we could discover the alt middle.

  6. Its just a racist shit-sytem spending obscene amounts black mass incarceration, unless police and mass surveillance and the military industrial complex…. Its just as racist and meant to preserve white privilege as the racist weaponised capitalism

  7. I like the breakdown as well as the supporting arguments, tangents, outtakes, charisma and many comments. I do have a question though. Would you say that altering the law on drug use and abuse would be the first step on changing the black community? Its a thing that should be explored for sure but do you think that is the first step?

    Its great to speculate and see the problems but honestly this has been going on for too long and needs to change for the better ASAP. I wanna know whats the first step and what do we have to do to get there? Its a deeply rooted culture just like you said and thay wont change overnight but a step in the right direction is better than standing still.

    I also think that we need to give hope to some of these communities. Hope to something better. I remember when my dad told me of black wall street (google it, interesting history). Then immediately after said its not possible for the afro community to flourish like that ever again. Some of these communities literally believe that we can go no further than the bottom and if you do youre an unlce tom or a sell out or whatever. Like how come people for japan and china can come over here and accept the culture, speak properly and not screw with the law? When we do it tho we are just being white? Bro we are simple excelling!

  8. These are all good points. She could do a followup video on the public education system and how it perpetuates poor performance in the black community by way of poor education from bottom of the barrel teachers. There are some changes that externally can be enacted to assist in helping the black community. Until each household holds their own members accountable for their success none of these changes will make a difference tho. If you're not willing to take ownership for your circumstances you will never succeed.

  9. another problem is the fact that alot of prisons are operated like company's and seek to keep people in situations that make them repeat offenders. the more prisons a prison has the more money they make. so ontop of fixing drug laws we would need to fix how prisons operate

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