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  2. Hey Mike, it's no secret that you're the best fitness channel on YouTube, without saying this in the cringiest way possible, I frigging love you (got to keep it family friendly πŸ˜‚). Anyways, I've been following you for a while now (around a year and 3 months) and you have gave me a completely different aspect on fitness. I have recently started work and currently waiting for my first pay cheque, the first thing I'm gonna do is buy a gym membership. So I've thought of the greatest thing, I have recently started Instagram and want to post my journey week by week whilst spontaneously promoting your channel, don't worry I'm not asking for a sponsorship or anything like that because you've already changed my life enough. All I'm asking is if you could shout my Instagram account out in one of your upcoming videos, I'm not gonna drop it here just because I have respect and don't wanna self promote please can you reply thank you so much Mike, Kind regards, Mason.

  3. Yep I tried CBD oil in hopes of helping with joint pain. KSadly it didn't work well for me but hey, all meads don't work for everyone. there are many reasons u to usse any available means to get healthy. CBD oil seems to be the mosts valuable thing going for kids with seizures. May cycle around to it again later in hopes things in my body have changed to make it more receptive. I found GABA and Lithium ornate more useful for me. Anyone who gets pfemded by your video just won't take the time to check out facts. Keep at it!!

  4. Weed is good for medical use but people these days use it as a drug and their dumbass excuse that pisses me the fuck off is the fact that their like β€œ it’s good for you” 😀😑

  5. I do believe in the benefits of medical marijuana. There are people I know that got addicted to opioids and medical weed helped them significantly. Coming from Colorado, weed got a bad rep from all of the people moving to the state and all they did was smoke weed and nothing else. And even increased the crime rate in Denver.

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