1. I will not be surprised if car-manufacturers are saying the autonomous vehicle is "just around the corner" in ten years from now. And maybe ten years after that too. I think the technology is much further ahead than most people think.

  2. This comment section just shows how retarded the majority of people really are.
    I've only seen about 4 or 5 comments that actually said something that was real or relevant…
    Thanks again internet and consumer technology. You've given these people a voice

  3. If they would only make/sell a V8 (preferably supercharged) powered sedan, like say a fucking FALCON, here in the states, more people may gravitate to them. Just look at GM, they have no problems selling CTSVs and Dodge has no problem selling their shitty 300Cs and chargers

  4. Here is how u fix this….be like South Korea and make it nearly impossible to buy any vehicle that's not American made….done…u go to fucking South Korea and their all driving Hyundai or kia….that's fucking it, u can play where's a not Korean car in that country and have a good time.

  5. For the record SoftBank is most known in Japan as a cell phone company. They’re the AT&T of Japan, with even less reliable service, to the chagrin of the sailors that signed up with them because they’re the only carrier on base.

    Dunno what Ford wants with them, though

  6. This all wrong. Ford is abandoning sedan production because the Koreans have taken out the profitability of that sector. Margins on CUVs and trucks are still there as is the volume. Why waste your resources in a race to the bottom?

  7. It's a smart move. Ford cant bitch about taxes and a lot of these companies shouldnt though after getting their massive welfare tax cut. But over all they probably would've gone through the change anyway. It's just smart to stick to your strong points and not throw money into something that doesnt sell enough.

  8. This has been obvious for a while id say. Because honestly its crystal clear that ford can not keep up. Not on innovation, not on quality of interior, exterior design or reliability. even hyundai and kia makes better cars atm. This is especially clear in europe i feel like, as there are pretty much 0 fords on the road. Only people that buy fords are the people who dont give a shit or know much about cars. They just need to get from point a to b

  9. Have you ever heard of the Taurus sho? The Taurus also made history back in 1986 for making a curved car come back. Also in 1989 when the SHO came out it was the second fastest 4 door in america. Several people forget how much the Taurus actually made history.

  10. It’s because Ford cars suck today. If they brought back bigger cars they’d sell with the older market as well as the younger market as most kids today did not grow up with a big car such as the Grand Marquis or Town Car. I personally have owned a 96 Town car with the 4.6 and I currently own an 86 Grand Marquis with the 302. Both cars get the same fuel mileage. 17-20 in town, 27.5 on the interstate. I have had many people say they like the cars to me. Along with my friends (we’re all adults) going on road trips in these bigger cars, it’s more comfortable than a Hyundai Sonnata or Kia crossover.

    I know they won’t bring them back but, I feel as though they should. Stop being the ‘other guy ‘ and just be yourself Ford. Old Fords for life.

  11. car companies can no longer bamboozle people into being emotional about cars. cars made after 1970 just suck. I know millionaires who are so cheap that they own NO car at all. they just won't spend money on the car, the property tax, upkeep, insurance, etc.

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