1. Now i am in Khon Kaen, Thailand, the main problem is when i go to a restaurant or food court, i have no idea how to order food that i want to eat. I really don't know the name of many foods. Then I have to choose a food shops which show pictures of foods. And I point out the food by watching pics. But I know there are several interesting foods which aren't showed on the menu. Then, I wish every food shop had pictures of many food. After I watched your videos, now i know the name of many thai foods. But it's late though. Now, I have been here for over one year and my days in Thailand are nearly gone.

  2. Чувак!!! Вот ты даёшь!!! Костей целый таз XXL накидали😂😂😂😂😂 Вали обратно в Ташкент, там нормально мяса поешь, ну максимум мясо в тесте!!! Go go go Bro!!!!!

  3. I can feel it Mark. Once you see, talk about your favorite ingredients, your eyes and your saliva react to this word 'chilly'. It's similar to others react to the flowers smell. Your travel always make me happy and hungry. Thank You.

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