This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Going over the things you need to do prior to flipping your indoor grow canopy into flower. We go over the step by step …


  1. Next week's vid is the 5×5 harvest and weigh in results for the autoflower harvest! Have any questions ? let me know! I love hearing from you.


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  2. Hey man awesome video like always your really inspiring me to get my grow started seeing as how it is now legal lol question is would your recommend an organic soil like fox farm for a first time grower or should I give coco a shot first try? Thanks man and keep your stick on the ice 😎

  3. Hey Matt! Question. Got two plants at the end of week 6, still no sex yet. That normal? Topped twice and fimmed constantly. They are about 8-9 inches. Is it too early to send them to flower?

  4. hi Mr.Canucks i have experimental outdoor pot plant that i planted in April.i didnt have time to water it properly so she is behind.she still have white tricomes and looks like it will never get milky and darker !! its late October and temp is going under 15c !! maybe because cold weather she cant finish ? what do you suggest i do ? put her inside the house close to window and wait ?

  5. Bro! Just started watching your videos and hooked! I'm really impressed on the quality & simplicity on every process. Your videos graphics and edits are great as well as music! Keep them coming!!!

  6. Very informative! Although I kind of panicked by watching you remove most of the fan leaves. My grow does beg for some leaf stripping of some sort, but I can't shake the thought of killing the plants if I do so. Just feels like the plant won't get enough light and slowly die off…
    Maybe I'll try on the next run. Cheers!

  7. Love the results you get with autos 👍 I’m new to growing so any advise you could give me would be appreciated like when do I start feeding them nutrients and when the first pop should I just give them ph water I’m growing in straight coco so I know I want to add cal Met I’m also using all canna products

  8. First off, thanks so much for the vids you are the freakin man. I'm a new grower and feel you have already helped me so much. I have 2 questions if you dont mind. should I have a fan on the plants even when they are seedlings? I have an exhaust more asking about the oscillating fan. Should I wait a week or two or just keep the fan on all the time? Also, I'm growing autos with vipraspectra 900 should I use the bloom switch in veg or only when flowering. Appreciate any and all info Thanks!!!!!!!

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