1. Garden's lapan excellent my man but I'm having the same problem in my grow that you doing yours I have a. Diesel the notes are just too far apart for me also it's nice sticky real Crystal Lee smells excellent real dance bud but it's just like you said the nodes are too far apart much respect to you brother and if you ever got any extra beans I sure would like to have some

  2. I Had one like the one you pointed out that you didn't like but on a way smaller scale and my dog ate it! One day my brother!…. it will be legal for me and I will have frosty flowers like you. Keep up the awesome work. And I'll sample and give my honest opinion. Just let me know when. Lol😁😉👊

  3. Med., plants' are looking great. You're one of my favorite pornographers. frosty, frosty, frosty. Silly question, I used to think your LED lights gave you very frosty buds, but these LEC aren't doing a bad job at all either. I think that maybe the microbes you're using now help a lot, just looking for your opinion. You've come a long way since the old hydro days, very nice indeed!

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