Optic 1 XL vs Optic 1 Photoperiod Grow – Week#8 flower – Growing Medical Cannabis (4K HD)

This is a legal medical cannabis grow in Washington state. This is a video documentary of a medical marijuana patient who produces his own medicine. Optic 1 …


  1. my fav is without a dobt the 8+. If my ticket come´s in, no. When my ticket come´s in. Needs 2 of them side by side with 120lens´s….mmmmh i can se it now <3 Very nice to se you bak. Grower´s love

  2. Good to see you again!
    I like the versatility of the Optic1 & XL. Being able to add/subtract lights, being able to hang them at different heights, plus the passive cooling…….
    But your other models have awesome features too so you're not making it easy for those of us wanting to purchase.

  3. Woohoo!! Happy to see you back, been wondering what's up, almost went 911 on ya. hahaha : ) Loving my Optic 1XL and Optic 4 and so do my girls in the tent. The lights come on as I prepare for work, when I get home 10 hours later, I can see the growth. My Critical Purple looked a bit forlorn in the pics I posted on IG today with her leaves tucked, but now that I'm home, there is no leaves tucked , they are all reaching for that light, and I'd guess she's another 2 inches taller, and she is predominately under the 1XL. The Optic 4 is caring for the Tangerine Dream and Critical Purple number 2, who also are all on pace with one another now. I have an idea for a pic with the lights and my little survivor, if it works out, I'll post it tomorrow. : )
    Glad you're back and hope all is well.
    Cheers !!!
    P.S. Congrats Canada, lead the way!!

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