1. What does it mean you are conservative 'cos you like business more than drugs? A lot of leftists run successfully businesses all the time, and a lot of folks that aren't conservative nor leftist… White vs black mentality produces a narrow minded world BTW

  2. Avi, Love your vids, YOU look smart with your new look! Nice!
    Although i liked your Hippie look too! The sentence about you liking money MORE made me sad!! PLEASE stay the old/real Avi inside and dont turn into the stereotyp Jew! Your Channel is still the Best!
    Have a great Day, Avi 🙂

  3. im norwegian and i cant say that im seeing anything happening, personally.

    im willing to claim most norwegians over 40yo would happily ruin someone's life over posession, clueless of any effect of whichever drug it is. atleast in the area i live

  4. i live in Sweden. i am raised in a left- ish family. (Not the Left party ), i do not share the same political opinions like my family. people in Sweden are afraid of drugs. I think what Norway did is good. but it's hard to find someone who shares my opinion.

  5. As a norwegian myself (conservative – right winger) I’m very happy for have SV (sosialistisk venstre – socialist left) who does alot good things, but a few times I strongly disagree because it’s too pro-socialism. We need a balance of socialism and capitalism, and that balsnce is more capitalism then socalism. Its not black ir white; as americans see everything.

    But the bad thing about SV is that they are very soft on welfare, can make it easier to be abused welfare system. And a few more, but anyway, the left and right are pretty chill to each other compared to america

  6. I shared a room with a Portuguese guy in rehab, he had been a heroin user (like me), he had Hep C and HIV, he left Portugal before the change and used on the streets of London sharing his works 🙁

  7. I’ve always felt all drugs should be decriminalized and readily available for anyone who’d like to use them that are of a legal age of 18 or 21 and over. It would reduce many worrisome things. First it’d eliminate the possibility of a accidental overdose from buying something that is sold as something other than what it is. Secondly, you’d be able to help educate the buyers on many things that they should know prior to trying or continual usage of a drug such as short/long term effects, what the drug actually does and how it affects your body while on it, dosage guidelines, OD symptoms, dangerous/safe interactions with other drugs /substances guideline, you’d be able to help addicts with guidelines on how to properly get off the drug safely instead of cold turkey, rehab facilities will operate better as it won’t be people who are forced to get clean it’ll be people who actually want to get clean with real professional help, and most importantly the drug user is safer buying the drug from a professional organization guaranteeing that they are receiving what they want while not having to worry about a potential drug deal go terribly wrong where someone may come out hurt or dead or ripped off of their hard earned money. Even better it would generate millions of billions of dollars for the governments so it’s a win win for both the user and distributors/Government. It’s also almost certain crime rates will drop, OD’s will drop and also non violent drug criminal arrests will significantly drop. Also this would create a significant amount of jobs for people as it’d be one of the biggest services worldwide. You’d also be able to have proper drug sitting facilities which would be able to allow you to properly and safely experiment with drugs with professionals ready to help immediately if something were to go wrong or bad while using that substance. Prehaps one day I shall run for president of the United States with this as my main campaign agenda, because it’s a win win for everyone!

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