1. I have an idea.. fill a piece with water all the way, until the water flows from the mouth piece with carb and stem holes plugged. Measure that volume of water and subtract the normal use amount of water used during getting tingly. Convert that amount to cubic centimeters.

    And I think you might increase the sales of all glassware by a competitive like-standard of capacity.

    I just know I need a 500 ML glass based on plastic water bottle to carrot stem science here in the house.

  2. fuck!!!! I was close to ordering that green roor bong the day this video was released… I got to the part where I had to put my credit card info, but I was super high I got sidetracked with other vids and forgot to get my wallet…. NOW, 6 days later, I barely open my MacBook Pro for the first time since then and I just saw I never ordered it and now they are SOLD OUT! 🤬🤬🤬

  3. The tag is cool, peace of mind about authenticity is important. Gotta cut it off though, I feel like leaving it on would be annoying. But for sure keep it around in a drawer, don’t wanna look like a chump in front of your hater friends

  4. RooR is simple the best, Gary Brandon you need more Roor designs to choose from like 20+ different models. We Love Roors and 420Science is only one of two places online to buy authentic roor otherwise you are stuck buying it from local headshops. Please Expand your line of roors they will sell every time you cant get that stuff anywhere online

  5. Why would you leave it on? It messes up the lines of the piece. I like the signature of the artist incorporated into the design of the piece. The tag just looks like the bong version of a wannabe thug leaving the price tag on his snapback hat. Just one more thing to cut off before you smoke.

  6. These are both new and nostalgic for me, I love these "Milk Monsters" lol. And also the authenticity tag is a great idea and I really like it, it represents people who appreciate real glass when I've met so many noobs that ignorantly buy from DHgate. 420science is the best!

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