KROQ radio personality Ralph Garman tells all about leaving the station

The personalities on Los Angeles radio stations change more often than some people change their socks. But at KROQ, ‘The Kevin and Bean Show’ has been …


  1. So sad that he was one of the one in favor on bringing that unfunny dumb old woman and now she is doing his job. Now they also got some other idiot guy trying to become a radio personality. Show blows.

  2. yeah but whats this about in an interview regarding Ralph…this doesnt seem nice…….Q: Fans were shocked/hurt/outraged when Ralph started blocking them on Twitter for supporting you. How did you feel about that?
    Lisa May: I was pretty shocked, too, and I think it just inflamed already hurt feelings even more.

  3. I've been listening to Kroq for years and Ralph was one of the main reasons that I liked the show so much. Now that he's gone, it's just not the same! I've continued to listen and it's now been about 7 months since he was let go, and the show has drastically went down hill and I just don't enjoy the show as much anymore. I've have recently stopped listening to Kroq. It's not as funny or as entertaining without Ralph Garman! Without Ralph, Kevin and Bean are just annoying.

  4. First love line got canceled….lisa gets let go…ralph gets let go….kevin n bean are rarely on together…????? What the fuck is going on over at kroq?????

  5. Even though Ralph blacked me on twitter, (I was always very Polite , He read my tweets and blocked me due to my political views), I always ignored that because he made me laugh , I stopped listening because I moved away, when I discovered the app that allows me to listen to the Kevin and Bean show I was shocked to know he was gone. Oh well.

  6. God damnit I thought he was on vacation or something! I didn't know he was let go. They didn't talk about him leaving at all afterwards. Ralph multiplied the hilarity of that show by 5.

  7. From the guy who use to take shots at Rodney. Rodney was at that shit station twice as long as you crybaby. Such a lame lazy show. Repeating bits from earlier in the show. Having to play music because of not enough content. Horrible interviews, constant commercials. Hopefully this will put the final nail in the coffin of this lame stupid show. I miss the Stern show on free radio so much. The woman on the show sounds like such a phony.

  8. I've been listening to Kevin & Bean since the early 90's. I am sure I'm not the only one who has been noticing that the show has been falling off. Kevin sounds like he had a stroke. Bean sounds like an old man, even before Ralphs was let-go I can tell this shows days were numbered. Plus it seems like they all get 20 weeks of vacation throughout the whole year.

  9. I recall him firing back at Lisa May when she and Doc on the Rock were let go after she said something about how she was let go. As much as I will miss you, Ralph, on the show just like I missed them, now you know how betrayed she felt. Unless your name is on the show, you're not safe from being fired. With that being said, spread your wings. Podcasts, acting, writing etc. Just do it.

  10. Love you Ralph you and Kevin were there for me when I was depressed and I will be forever greatfull for that.

    Thanks for Reacting to My Songs "I'm Ralph Garman Bitch" & "The Kevin Smith Freestyle" on Hollywood Babble On! That was the Highlight of 2017 for me!

  11. love you frank, thanks for the funny. see you on babble on and your new show the garman report :D.
    not listening to kroq anymore. f#¤% kroq. fan from scandinavia ;). franks impressions have gone up to 12 now i think…. right?…

  12. Attention GARMY – Ralph has started a Podcast and will be uploading daily morning podcasts 5 days a week from 22 January!! It’s a new era and he’s gonna show Kevin and Bean (I’m from the UK so we have NO idea who they are anyhow). Love this guy and he’s one of the best discoveries of my adult life so can’t wait to support him in all he does! 🤘🏻

  13. Ralph is the voice of reason, the standard of quality, anchor of sanity for the show. You could get rid of either Kevin or Bean and I wouldn't even notice. In fact, I often haven't noticed when one of those two is gone on vacation. The show is pretty much a freefall of stupidity without him. It was a mistake to let him go.

  14. Since the firing of Lisa May I’ve gradually stopped listening to not only the morning show but KROQ in general. Allie Mac Kay is fine, I was just so put off by the way they did it and now to do this to Ralph, wow. Kevin and Bean are good but Ralph really was the one with the talent.

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