Jeff Sessions Thinks Marijuana Caused The Opioid Epidemic

Jeff Sessions has come out and said that marijuana is causing the opioid epidemic. All the science says just the opposite. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and …


  1. Session is a moron anyone that has been on pain management therapy for year and just want off the roller coaster or are scared that they will be the next overdose have found the medical benefits of cannabis and it's not just pain that's just my experience

  2. Alcohol and cigarettes are the true gateway drugs. Cannabis and CBD can be great tools to step down from opioids, especially for chronic pain and PTSD in the Veteran population.

  3. More people are replacing pharmaceuticals with maryjane. This is troubling to these wealthy white parasites. The truth is the opposite; Marijuana can replace opiates and antidepressants. I speak the truth from experience.

  4. Lots and lots of homework. That's for sick people! are all marijuana users sick? NO they become sick during and after use by moving to other drugs. Jeff Sessions is right, marijuana lend their users to opioids and cocaine, fools. Do your darn homework.

  5. Sessions is a bumbling old racist shithole! The number one reason marijuana is still illegal is to keep minorities out of jobs and in jail and reason number two big pharm and the government will lose $$$!!

  6. Someone should bomb sessions because that stupid ass keebler elf bitch is going to die if he ever gets within 10 feet of me. This cock sucker contributed to the death my uncle and I WILL avenge him if he makes the mistake of looking me in the eye

  7. Just another old white man who can’t adapt…..adapt or perish is the rule of nature….he needs to go sit in his rocking chair on the porch if that’s the only thing he can put out, certainly not be the US ATTORNEY GENERAL!!!

  8. How can someone that stupid be AG? Marijuana doesn't cause users to move up to stronger solutions, it is desire to get different, more extreme effects than marijuana gives. People who move to stronger things would do the same if they start smoking parsley in the beginning, it's not about what they start with, it's about what they're seeking. Can't someone educate that misinformed dinosaur?

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