If You Boil Bananas Before Bed And Drink The Liquid, THIS Happens While You Sleep…

Did you know that banana tea will help you sleep? If you suffer from insomnia, banana tea is a natural sleep aid, great for sleeplessness. Sleep is fundamental …


  1. Arab waiter in 1956 in Aden, South Yemen warn dad not to eat the ends of bananas. Cut the ends off and throw away. So we did and still do. Well I still do. From this vid he was right. Lesson never feel smug or superior with your own technological focused lifestyle .

  2. Hmm…intriguing. Need to try because it doesn't matter how late I go to bed, I don't sleep until morning. I sleep for about 4 hours tops. If I drink a glass of wine, I usually sleep longer, same goes with a mixed drink but I do that less than once per month. Thanks for this

  3. OMG I love banana, in fact I brought some the other day. And I have a big jar of cinnamon that one of friend give and baking with it. So definitely go to try making this tea because sometime I trouble sleeping

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