1. You are special. Smart, first hand experience, great delivery, and extremely compassionate. I would like to have given you 10 thumbs up. I want you to notice how few self help videos get as opposed to music, sports and mostly frivioulus subjects.

  2. Great advice,actually my dad is suffering from such sickness called bloating and i am just o
    n the computer trying to see where i would get such natural remedies that would help.the turmeric root is what i will try to use for my dads health.thank you a million.

  3. Is there a supplement that has all this stuff in it that works really good. Your video seems to echo all the same ingredients that help with edema. I need help with this and don't know where to start….is there a product you recommend that has all of this or close to it?

  4. Very informative video!
    I am suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension. This condition leads to water retention & shortness of breath bcoz of heart having difficulty in pumping blood thorough the lungs arteries which are very thin. Could you advice a holistic healing approach to this condition. I am on water pills but they don’t seem to be working as well as they should. Thanks again!

  5. This is so comprehensive and helpful thank you. I heard ginger essential oil is good (mixed with a carrier)… someone has mentioned it here already. Also I hear that elevating the legs up against a wall (basically above the chest level), and massaging the lymph nodes at the back of the knees and in the groin area works well. Lots of ideas to play with here… thank you again 🙏🏽

  6. I have been struggling with this for 50 years since being in Vietnam 1968! At sickbay in DaNang they didn't know what to think of it. Overnight my feet and legs, all the way to my thighs had swollen and turned beet red. I couldn't wear my shoes or long pants. There was no pain, but the cumbersome of my legs being so heavy. The doctors at Sickbay told me not to call them, but that they would tell authorities if it was anything serious to be concerned with. HA! What an insult! Anyway over time, the swelling had gone down, but the beet red turned to kind of dark brown. The guys I was serving with at my next duty station complained that I had dirty feet and legs. So they took me to the showers and scrubbed my skin until I was bleeding profusely from my toes to above my knees. YES, they were punished! Even to this point in time the doctors at the VA hospital only prescribed compression stockings, going all the way up to my crotch! What a pain to mess with!!! Anyway my beet red to brown legs dwindled down to just below my knees to my toes. The skin is very flaky and VERY SENSITIVE to abrasions and very thin that can tear easily and if not treated with proper precautions, I could get an infection easily. Several years ago, I had gone to a doctor, not feeling very well, he treated me as if I had the the FLU!!! I ended up in a hospital being treated for serious blood poisoning! It was then I found out I was allergic to 4 different I.V. antibiotics. A doctor from India told the nurses and physicians that they were killing me with those antibiotics!!!
    And you know what their complaint was? But his legs are still red!!! Aaaaagggghhhh! I told them they've been red for years! And I told them why. But again I was met with NO CURE!!!
    Since then I've been sleeping in a poor man's lazy boy chair with the leg portion modified so my legs are nearly as high as my heart. I still hate those compression stockings because of the 100+ heat we have here in Texas! With proper diet an exercise I'm slowly learning to manage my dilemma.
    Now the parts that stuck out in my mind in your video was Sepsis, the essential oils and the diuretics! But being on a very limited income and food stamps, I could never afford a therapist
    Thank You so much for your video!!
    I go by the name "CrazeeDave", because the guys I served with in Vietnam '67-'68 named me Crazydave for various reasons. My name on the Internet was already taken so I used 2 e's :o)

  7. I am so happy I found your video. I have an ongoing problem with edema in my legs especially since heart surgery a year ago. I have had edema in feet & ankles for years but not too bad now except for my legs. I already ordered a rebounder & it will be here in about a week. I learned that from another video I came across the other day. I want to follow your suggestions for edema. From your suggestions which tea or herb would be in your top 3 from your list to get me started? I can eat the foods because I am used to veggies  but I didn't want to start too many new things ( like teas & herbs )at the same time until I know which is best for me  & that they agree with my body. Then I'll just incorporate the rest as I go along. Getting rid of this edema would be so awesome.  I can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for all you do for others.

  8. Deanna, i am very thankful for all the effort you put in explaining all. All 5 points graved me, with a sort of exception being the last one, cause i don't know of any professional doing that manual removal in my country, i mean, manual removal of edema is something new for me, the concept. I feel you are an exceptional human helping humans and i thank destiny or whatever it is that put your video in my search. will share and suscribe for sure! Have peace and harmony in your life!

  9. I'm a male senior that has been diagnosed with Neuropothy, and yet one of my legs, feet looked like edema. Its under control with medication. So my question is how does one differentiate between edema and neuropothy? I also take all or most of the B vitamins…B12 mostly

  10. I was just recently (4yrs ago) diagnosed with only having one kidney working since I was a like 3yrs old. My right kidney was knocked loose and it strangulated itself and has remained strangulated for 35+ yrs now. well I'm about 150lbs 5ft 10in tall and I have done fine up until this past month. My legs from the knee down just blew up like water balloons and my feet had become so swollen I could put any type of shoe on. This is now going on week 2 or 3 of constant swelling . When I elevate it takes the swelling down back to almost normal but then just 10 mind on my feet and my calves are almost as big as my thighs and singing and tight with fluid.. I had been trying the baking soda thing and it seemed to be working some and I mean it kept my swelling down to a minimum and almost tolerable. well I just seen the videos about how bad baking soda can be for you and I stopped taking it for just a day now and my legs are blown up again.. My BP my whole life has been great but I know when its elevated and it is higher then normal but just since this started happening. My diet is terrible I eat 2 lbs of [email protected](peanut) kind a day and I crave sugar all day it seems but when I do eat meat its normally beef jerky I make or corndogs or burritos etc ( cheap fast microwave foods) . But my one enlarged left kidney has been a super trooper for 35 plus years and I haven't changed much at all in my diet or lifestyle. but my doctor did just pull me off my meds (Xanax, doxepin) cause he said they are linked to alheizers in men in their 30s. well ive been taking those meds for over 20 years everyday and I cant help but to think it may have had something to do with my edema issue too as my anxiety has been through the roof here lately ( past 4 months) and once my doctor took me off my meds I stopped going for my biannual visit( just check vitals get refills and go) now I have this issue. Im leaning towards my kidney being the issue due to the fact I have done a tone of damage to my one kidney without knowing I only had one till just a few years ago.. and ive pumped more toxins through my blood then swampthing and I almost went into complete renal failure with only like 20 % function at 14 yrs old by the use of inhalants as an out of control teenager. well I used gasoline for over 6 months everyday for 3 to 8 hours a day and destroy have my braincells according to the mri 24 years ago and the doc said I would be a vegetable by 50 years old if I lived that long.. that episode along with decades use of other narcotics (no needles) and decades of alcohol consumption etc..I think this may be the end of my only kidney I believe.. I know without the blood work you cant tell me much but guess but im takin a survey to see who chooses the kidney over congestive heart failure or diabietes… but non the less I need to go see a doctor I know. Im just in a very bad spot in life jobless and broke and if I go then this will definitely be put on my medical history and with my already bad background (young dumb and full of you know ) I will never get another job that I can provide for my 6 year old daughter that I have custody of.. so here I am at 37 years old 20k in debt no car no license no job no savings…and thinking I may just have to max out my cards and give everything to my daughter cause im not going to be of any use after I get diagnosed so …and I don't know what else to do with no insurance either.. just my luck..lol but then again look up how many people named Joshua have lived past 40 then look up how many johns davids pauls lived past 40.. my destiny was written once I was given a name.. Thanks for any help and information addressing this terrible edema issue from the knee down..

  11. Thank you I have been looking for help in this for months. I recently saw something on Facebook about ginger essential oil I tried it last night with olive oil, and it's the first day in months that my ankles weren't balloons 2 hours after waking. I'll try ginger and cypress tonight. My shoes felt loose today it was wonderful! I love ginger I should eat it more . When I eat Thai food with ginger my body feels like it vibrates at a cellular level. It's a great feeling. It's the only food that makes me feel like that. Unfortunately I dont know how to cook it, and where I live now there are no Thai restaurants 🙁 love it!

  12. If you have excess fluid in your legs, be sure to sleep flat in a bed at night so your body can drain the fluid. Do not sleep in a chair with your feet on the ground.

  13. I have had edema in the feet and ankles for several months since I broke my femur. Now that the broken leg is healing, I am breaking the rebounder out of the closet to see if it can ameliorate the edema a bit more

  14. I use hot water with epsom salt and also cold water sometimes to soak my feet but only when I go to bed at night and wake in the morning my feet is not swollen at all but i do fell a bit of discomfort. I do a lot a walking during the day and i think my feet really gets tired… thank you for sharing these tips and the teas really stood out to me…i've never heard of them so am definitely going to try the teas listed in this video

  15. I took vitamin B6 when i had carpal tunnel while pregnant with my son due to fluid retention in my legs as well. The richest sources of vitamin B6 include fish, beef liver and other organ meats, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, and fruit (other than citrus). Besides the foods, leaves, herbs and essential oils you mentioned these are also just some more natural diuretics … watermelon, lemons, nettle leaves, beets, pineapple,cucumbers, celery, mint, apple cider vinegar, peaches, cilantro, and kale.

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