1. I watch a lot of your videos but this one I really didn’t like the vibe I got off it …. let me just be blunt with you , you sound stupid when talking about rappers. Its clear to me that your not really into the hip hop culture and that is fine but if you don’t know shit about it keep yo mouth shut because that’s when you start to sound stupid asf #justbeinghonest

  2. Weed is apart of Lil Debbie's brand so that collaboration made sense. Chef Henny is not a rapper and does not have a deal with Hennessy. He's literally just a meme and Hemper's recruitment team is just lost

  3. hahaha how fun to have been the receiver of your actual cardboard lil debbie box when you shipped me some things! I have been a cooking for 13 years and have never heard of this Chef Henney person! Glad you love your new house, lady!!! Keep up the great content!

  4. Its crazy because I have ordered a box on the 11th of April still have received no tracking info every time I email them i get no response i send them about three emails and they say they'll respond 48 hours and they don't. And all they do is delete my comments on Instagram and ingnore Me

  5. Wow, that was awesome. I don't know who Henny is and really don't care. Cheap ass box! Your straight talk was like a breath of fresh air and come across as very honest. Thank you for being a real white Lady. Smashed that Sub Button! Hell yeah!

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