Health Insurance Costs Skyrocket as Government Involvement Increases

Insurance deductibles have gone up 212 percent since 2008! It’s a good time to take charge of your own health! Anarchapulco 2019 (Feb 14-17, Acapulco, …


  1. 55% employer insurance increase? Try more like almost 2000% for single policy. Went from $43 a mo for just myself in 2010 to $897 per mo in 2016. I cancelled & now pay as I go for Dr visits & pray I remain healthy.

  2. BigPharma simply offers an opportunity for sociopaths to take control of drug providers, jack up prices and enrich themselves, while the poorest customers who can't afford the drugs die slowly. Insurance companies also suffer because they have to pay outrageous prices for the drugs their clients need. That's one of the reasons why your insurance costs keep rising. Have a watch of Dirty Money on Netflix to learn more about this.

  3. +Jeff Berwick
    Here is my medical kit…
    Large bottle of betadine
    Oil of Arnica (powerful hetbal local anaesthetic)
    Vitamin E tablets (promotes healing and potent antiseptic)
    Bottle of Vinegar
    Bottle of Vodka
    Ferro gradumet tablets
    Bandages and band aids including silver dressings
    Aspirin and panadeine
    Senega and Ammonia (for coughs)
    Eucalyptus oil
    Zyrtec liquid (in megadoses, in an emergency, this is as good as an epipen and has saved my life before!)

    A well stocked herb garden including clary sage, comfrey, sage and garlic amongst other herbs. And the knowledge to safely use them, of course!

    Oh and a well stocked vegetable patch, chicken pen and goat yard.

    This is MY health insurance.

  4. Wellness Program is good to do, lookup Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube he will give you great info on health. My AC1 7.4 to 5.7 in six months taking his advice. You still need Health Insurance, don't kill Obamacare make it better. Our Senators and Congresspersons have socialist insurance We the People Pay For, Taxes!

  5. What doctors are looking for are better drugs, better vaccines and they want your money, they are not teaching prevention. Quoting from Hippocrates, " Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you cannot heal the patient with food".

  6. You sounded believable until you said premiums rose 55%. Mine rose 300%. From $180/month to $550/month. Then Aaetna kicked me off. Single man self employed and insured before Obamacare. Guess I couldn't keep my health insurance plan if I liked it. Kicked me off 2 years ago now or it would be at least quadruple. So please stop sugarcoating the reality of how bad it really is. EVERYONE sugarcoats even you.

  7. Honestly if you just privatize education and health care then nobody would ever have college loans and would ever want to go to college and health care as far as health insurance would never be needed because you would have enough money to pay for your own health bills. That's how everything was back in the 50s for America.

  8. People outside of USA are sad that you do not have universal health care and pharmacy benefits no body goes broke in Australia over health it is a human right to have health coverage ! Government does work spend in Australia under 10% of GDP

  9. Yeah and trump “promised” to get rid of obummer uncare. My insurance costs as much as a $250,000 30 year mortgage and my deductible is more than twice as much the national average. And it doesn’t cover anything until you pay that massive deductible. And if I don’t buy their product, they come rape me for even more money. Couple that with fica, SS, federal and state taxes, my wife and I work 4 jobs to support our kids and keep up with a lower middle class life.

    Hey, im all about free market and capitalism, but if we’re gonna be forced to pay socialist level taxes, then I want some fucking socialist benefits. This is worse than socialism! Sick to death of it.

  10. Chris do you know the new world order is in the bible in revelation's he the anti Christ causes all to receive a mark in there right hand and upon there forehead great and small free and in bond that they can nether buy or cell with out the mark and yes they have the technology microchip in the form of a tattoo..every thing were seeing is bible prophecy..I hope you know Jesus as your savior and is born of the water and the spirit remember were not promised tomorrow..God bless..

  11. This video I agree with, government involvement is bad. I hope that Trump can fix these problems and I am really wanting to see him fix it. This is from a Trump voter myself (only in primary though).

    Socialism is a joke!!!

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