Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease) – Teal Swan –

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  1. I love this video! I got online to find inspiration to write a prosperity incantation, now im journaling about my personalities! Your amazing and get the wheels in my brain spinning, thank you for your brain 👽👽👽🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫

  2. I want to understand this but I'm confused, can someone help me understand how "everything has consciousness?" I understand that we fragment when faced with trauma but I don't understand how other parts of our body or other things can experience fragmentation or even consciousness for that matter.

  3. She Delusional Liar…Law Suits comming after U :I If U r one multipers.deluded that doesn't mean that all have IT:I shame on u…U should be locked or mouth taped :I

  4. 14:00 The Joker is a great example of acting possession, for the actor killed himself – his act was too real! :S :$ >///<
    It made me so sad, for I really liked his acting, such a waste of good talent =(( Not all people can take being locked in a hotel room for a month to simply get into the act, which he did with all his parts — I guess the last one was the one what broke the camels back 😮 ;.;

  5. Although I am no fan of Freud, he deserved credit for the observation that multiple personality disorder is a very rare condition most often over-diagnosed. More commonly, the condition is a fragmented ego.

  6. When u read ur self personality more in same time. U got protector and mum(teacher care) personality same time if u are human. When ur qualities in person are not like rabbit eyes looking different directions. Ur personalyty has a one goal ligth and love u dont chance ur self any where and sometimes u migth got more need to give love when u see ur friend has been nice but it doesent say u are different. Just u migth be rabbit style in young age ofc rabbits are very peaceful so it was only meaning rabbit style some people want be sometimes lil gangster bad to get respect 😀 or in love to get it rigth. But older people startto be in one line of love. Cuz bad acts based on love too cuz they dont act bad if they dont get anyone to respect it. Be kind and stuff gets easier when people get nice picture in world to understant what it takes to be loved and in peace balance. Ask ur self what it takes to be safe and loved. Dont need to kick few mans ass if they dont even bother u to sound scary that no one attacs u :D. When u always try to be nice u see no one controls u if u see u are always nice. In diplomacy when u speak with bad people it doesent help u speak bad things and laugth. It get worst. But if u see like swords man is their one nice topic maybe and tell even they love to get compliments of their figthing skills. So if they like love they are based on love. If they dont respect feelings when they do practise of sword they miss enjoying the act of sword tecniques. how they train without enjoying. they dont never suqseed nice if they dont feel if they are not program they get bored. Feelings are mostly love and trying to get better feeling and answer is nice age nice body wanting to keep going inteligence. when u feel u see sitsuation always from different angel if u change feeling. When no figth she sounded in her videos that people sound more humans. Teal know something about blue power.

  7. Teal, cannot feel I tell you this too much, I love you, and I would gladly stand beside you and defend to others how many people you have healed in your love and beauty in the gift you share with the world. Blessings, Namaste'

  8. Teal Swan's PREMIUM channel will blow your mind. I recommend this monthly subscription to go deeper than you thought was possible. Her & her team is highly skilled & will give you a safe manner in which to foster rather complicated techniques.

  9. Wow, your proposed method is exactly what happened to me when I started doing improv theater. I see a whole lot of analogies. I was surprised how beneficial for my self awareness it was, and now it is easier for me to verbalize why. Yes, it's exactly it. I used to be a totally no-theater, no-movies, no-arts person. Maybe improv theater is a socially accepted, not-so-weird way of doing that process with other people.

  10. Hell. I heard god is pure awareness. I am God, and God is watching my personalities? I suspect I spotted God within my consciousness. God is the higher self that is watching my selves?
    I can feel the higher self within my consicousness. It is calmly watching my personalities even when I am volently reacting to situations.
    Oh man, this is crazy. How can God be stuck here and suffer random shits that occur in my life?

  11. one part of the fragmentation I litetally see everyday if I see some other people, I do my best to explain whaz I see/think:
    i will just use the example of today, because it is in my memory right now.
    a bigget guy eats sugarsnacks, and right after that his facial expression turns from being happy for hours to hateful by an instant.

    i cant go on writing this rn, if u have questions answer here

  12. Teal please never stop talk and sharing. The realism in your view of situations is so refreshing. You so remind me of my daughter who is 28. You both look alike and your delivery is so similar and your back story is so close also.

  13. I've had physical pain with my hips, thighs, neck and left shoulder. I've tried everything under the sun and nothing really helped like this teaching. I talked to all of these body parts and the pain is gracefully leaving. I almost have no pain. I'm back to hiking and having fun in life.

  14. In order to survive I developed all the characters that would carry me through. Did some work on trauma and discovered them. They are all there for me but an integrated strength now whereas before I was not aware of the transitioning at all and therefore living fractured. Thank you Teal for your beautiful strength, wisdom, knowledge that you so openly share with the world.💖

  15. Fragmentation isn't a disease it is a cure for knowing we are all one image of the world. We are multidimensional trying to be a singularity by means of syncing. Hence why you hate fragmentation cause it makes the game harder. Really fragmented people are the best if they know how to string it with meaning like you talk or sing. Imagination with emotional motion and meaning are huge keys but hard to sync. Anyways love you all and thanks for all the help.

  16. @ 18:24 never have I seen this picture before, as just now. And I did see it before. Thought it touching then, stared for a good moment. Now though, I see much more. See the aliveness of the moment, ala Tolle, in the image. See next the consciousness of the elephant's ear. See its face first; then see its 'personality', per Teal. See how Groovy. See how a place, a time and a reference dissolves in the captivation of the emotion, of the life of the moment, which the picture caught. Not an image, but much more. A pointer to the now, if not a lever into it. See the absolute beauty of a conscious moment shared–between two beautiful beings. )

  17. The movie Split was an exaggeration of a nasty reality. Extreme climate = too many extreme people across race, class, genders. Word bomb channels are an improvement over the 1000’s of toxic RW Alex Jones, David Icke, & aligned English speaking Russian troll channels that gave us Nov 2016.

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