Do CBD Creams Really Work for Pain? | My Experience

Recently, after helping my boyfriend move I had pain in my back, neck, knees and feet, so I decided to give it a try. Let’s just say I was surprised at the result!


  1. I got the CW lotion a week ago and also think it works! I have neck pain and back pain. My neck thing is pretty much all the time. At night when I wake up I put the cream on and I think it helps both the pain and getting back to sleep. (I use the CW cbd oil in the daytime also. ) If my neck hurts in the day I use some lotion too. Whenever, basically. Not sure how long the pain relief is each time but it does help some. I will keep ordering it. Both my adult daughters use cbd oil and I was thinking the CW lotion is a nice little stocking stuffer this year! Mahalo for your review..🌺🌴 Have a beautiful day!

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