Delta 9 Vape and Cartridge – Dank’s View – Ep #38

Hey everyone! Here is the Dank’s View for today on this Delta 9 vape battery and cartridge! Hope you’re having a great day and remember to live higher!


  1. Hey, do your $8.00 vape pens come with a lifetime battery warranty? There's a guy with a warranty review on his delta 9 2.0 where he explains he got it replaced no questions asked when his usb port got pushed in too far.

  2. the Delta 9 battery has a life time warranty if it stop working they will replace it for free it a good ideal to keep the packaging that it came in. I've had mind for 2 years works like the day I got it.

  3. So my local store sells these and that's the only reason I ended up with one…there's nothing wrong with it, yet it's nothing to write home about either.

    At first I was PISSED 'cause it seemed to experience a weird issue after only ONE cartidge was over, where any attempt to use it caused it to blink (as though low on battery charge). Charging did not help! It would only turn red for a couple seconds then go dark.

    I found that turning it on and then holding the button until it blinks several times performs a "reset" of sorts. Immediately it was back to normal.

    As for what you say about it being something generic from China with a private label logo slapped on…maybe, but hey, as a retailer myself I understand that's how it works. People buy 'em, I bought one, it may not be the most original business model, but it works.

  4. Juat dknt get why yall saying it dont get u high im heavy weight asf smoke all day erra day i hit this acouple times im gown out my mind just stop with yo pricess laya lookin ass

  5. This product is straight garbage so is heavy hitters I like kurvana they actually get you high and I've tried honey vapes also supposedly top of the link it was good it lasted a while and I smoke a lot but it just never satifified me by it self I wasn't needed more and I would rip it 10 times or more honestly that why weed is the best u know for sure ur going to get high even wax odnt satisfy me at times not all the time just once in a while I'm a dab head so I love dabs lol nd this pen is definitely not a dab pen lol

  6. I bought a Delta 9 Pen about a year ago now for about $20 still works good I've taken it everywhere Raider games Laker games airports use different cartridges on it too brass knuckles California honey Alpine Heavy Hitters even house brands I love my Delta 9 pen just waiting for it to take a crap on me any suggestions for a new one

  7. I've tried the Delta 9 before and since then I been buying their products I use it everywhere I go I also realized that when you barely open a new cartridge and the first three hits I take don't get me high but after that I start getting high but it does get you high I think it's worth it cuz it's low key

  8. In California these are SC labs tested, around 50-60 % thc, the more expensive ones claiming to have 73% from the sticker. I got mine for 20 bucks for the battery and the cartridge from a friend who received a box from one of the brand associates. Honestly, they're just ripping off people with design and unnecessary weird cartridge design. Though the battery does last pretty damn long compared to the other little stick batteries.

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