1. Grabbed an elbo the other day 19 vry steep for east van .They'z big smelly not dence lime gr.
    very airomatic indeed ..not any taste of a K what soever total Sativa taste …kinda a bit of a let down for me but then I was K bias …maybe othaz will cream their jeans …Very impressive big pieces ..flushed good white ash …Keepin it real ,,,in the hood …

  2. Loving You videos bro, you've been doing this for a minute and they've always come across solid and real. S***, you always got me laughing too. Maybe you could review some old school strains once in awhile, MK Ultra ,Jack Herer etc keep em lit !!!

  3. G I love your videos bro haven’t seen you in a minute damn you’re getting those strains advance grow labs is doing it right now I haven’t even tried the strain yet and I’m in California i’ve got some strawberry cheesecake right now I’ll look it up on Leafly some fire anyways keep up the good work G

  4. Thanks for another great review, G. I have similar problems at night and go for heavy indicas most of the time. I picked up that Erledex from CPS yesterday and it's straight fire. It's the Triangle kush crossed with OG kush, surprisingly fruity too. Similar feeling to the G-13 from CPS, I recommend it for sure.

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