1. I get it's good on the surface to get rid of China sellers undercutting American sellers but what most people are not mentioning is that literally everything comes from China now. So if they have to raise the prices that is going to just get passed down to the average American.

  2. All of you who's buying "chinese junk" Look on ur desk right now and see who ur products are made from, ..Apple, Android, Samsun all has parts from China, so quit whining, u cant even afford to buy stuff thats made in US. DUMBASS Fakes. And why are u watching a video about dropshipping?

  3. It would be nice. The only advantage we have at this point is shipping speed. Their parcels take up to a month. We still have other disadvantages. I believe that some Asian merchants set up shop here in the US bring their cheap goods here. They incorporate the usps pricing in the cost of their products. They probably get bulk quantities here and still hurts the American market. I notice a listing shows California seller but something tells me I should know better. Sneaky devils.

  4. One thing about Trump that many people think is bad is that he is very prideful. I think this is a good thing because he won't be a straw man or a puppet. I thing his pride is directly linked to his achievements, and right now that can only help us.

  5. Casey, great video thank you for sharing and thank you for making it non-political. I really appreciate those who can address these issues intelligently without making it about politics! Well done!

  6. Trump is looking out for America and I think it is a nice change. China has flooded the market with disposable grade junk. 40 years ago China was pretty well closed up behind their Great China Wall and we had a lot of MADE IN USA items that were made well.
    I as a consumer am more than willing to buy better USA products, tools and clothing because they last much longer.

    I am totally on board with the MAKE AND BUY USA…. CHINA CAN KEEP THEIR STUFF.

  7. I like this because what people don't realize is China's government is not poor! They have gone into my island – a US Territory and are buying properties way above the valued price. Yes they are businesses but have government backing and at least one general or military personal on their board. We need to stop subsidizing them. They are using their wealth to build military and purchase land all over the world instead of taking care of their people and poor. Anyway my 2 cents.

  8. China is no longer a developed country I hope this shipping cost have the same playing field with China so I get star selling online make extra income with my kid.

  9. I do agree that this may be a step in the right direction and may actually help us. Let's not forget stuff from China takes over a month to arrive. People might buy it for the cheaper price but not for the middle of the way price. They may prefer the products already on American soil. I have paid more to have it sooner.

  10. Shipping USA from UK costs a bomb so evens things out a bit! Really annoys me as postage prices in the UK are very high. Customers who want to send back to Chinese sellers often do not because returns from UK to China are very expensive. I assume its the same in the states. This itself is an advantage that UK and USA sellers do not have.

  11. This is the best thing that could ever happen with in our country in a long time, I believe we should trash this old ass treaty all together. I believe they should have to pay the same amount as we all have to pay. It makes them blood are markets with low end cheap items and it allows them to beat everyones prices on pretty much all items because there shipping cost is so much lower then ares. I believe if they get rid of it all together America will see it was the best thing to do in a very short amount of time because they will see a huge change in are market and it will change the way business is done all together. This was one of the best subjects to talk about right now Casey, This is a very well known issue thats kind of been under the radar for most Americans, Lots of people had no clue this was even being done. I talk to people all the time about this issue and they were unaware these countries were able to ship items so cheap, Now that mainstream media has been talking about it so much everyone in America has heard about it and lots of people are shocked and surprised that this has been going on for so long. China has always used there power to make sure we never got rid of this treaty but now that Trump spoke up about it and is saying its wrong people are fighting for it to be gone. I am ready for it to disappear all together i dont think raising the cost will effect it enough to make any real changes like it needs to be. Great video Casey

  12. It is good news for us sellers but how is this making America great again or better? Sellers win, buyers ( which is the majority of people in the USA) lose. Everything is going to be more expensive. People are focusing on China should pay more if we pay more but don't realize that it will cause a huge inflation. How is that better for this country? I'm happy because I'm a seller but it's bad news for the majority of people. Same thing with bringing home businesses. Yes it will be better for a few thousand people who gets a job at Apple factory but everyone else will pay much more for that iPhone. Apple is not going to eat the extra cost. Big screen TV? No more for a $1000. Etc. Tradewar, extra tarrifs and this is causing information. How is that good for the majority of Americans?

  13. Welp,quick china flips are proooooobably about to get a little depressing now lol,the main thing that helped sell at higher prices is that the customer could get the item quicker from here since we're in the same country(I can first class something from here in Florida to California in about 4 days).Bulk importing doesn't sound like it'll be affected so that's good.

  14. Hopefully they do raise the price for the chinese sellers. As you said, it is not fair that we pay the higher costs and they practically pay nothing. Even though they will never have to pay what we pay, I do think that even increasing the shipping a little bit will actually kill off some of their market. We can only hope. Thanks for the update.

  15. While it's a definite step the right way and I'd be at least okie-dokie with it costing them at least the Domestic USPS prices $2.66 up to 4 ounces etc. (and that's technically a discount price). I'm not going to be ecstatic until it cost them the same $13.06 it would cost me to send the exact same item to them (and that's not necessarily even fully tracked to all locations as many international locations stop once shipment departs the country.)

    While I'm currently doing very well with my highest sales figures ever my international sales, thanks to the Jan 21st absurdity dropped from 33% to 13%. Why? well once again you force me to ship a small letter rate item that was legally shipable for $2.13 or thereabouts for a 2 ounce item all the way up to $13 range all while imports flow into our country for "cents" which makes no "sense". Yea even going a secondary route with International flats still runs the price up around $6. They made in many cases cheaper for other countries to import items in bulk them turn around and sell them to other countries cheaper than authorized dealers in this country can. Obviously didn't hurt just me (and I shifted a few gears to make up the lost international profit) but it hurt many exporters of small lightweight products and in turn hurt the country and postal service as a whole.

    When it comes to us the Post office operates on the logic that if they too were McDonald's and we all flocked to their $1 burgers that if they jacked them up to $15 they'd make 15 times more money. (and we won't even touch the Amazon Prime slap in the face).

  16. People who DON'T sell and ship stuff through the USPS don't even know this is going on! I sure didn't when I started selling stuff on eBay in 2015. I couldn't understand how in the heck someone from outside the US could pay little to nothing on shipping. There's no way we can compete w/ that w/o practically giving stuff away! SO GLAD this is happening!

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