Cannabis Grow Guide Ep. 9: Days 36 to 42 Quantum Board Giveaway Announcement

The Cannabis Grow Guide is a 21+ Legal Medical Cannabis Channel. This channel is for educational and documentation purposes only. BLG grows top grade …


  1. Hello I got a tent 2×2 and I just got a mars hydro 300 watt led I live in California can I plug it into regular wall outlet the mars hydro model is mars 300-60led-110.thanks sorry for the dumb question

  2. Loving your channel so far and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for it. Very informative. Give away? Man to win any kit would be a dream. Once I finish taking these learnsativa courses in December, I’ll be certified to work with cannabis at an industry level. To have any kit for personal use and getting started would be mindblowingly amazing.

  3. keep a eye on the temp cold night will make it curl the silica will help with cold heat and it a pestaside kinda make the leafs tuff not great for bugs to eat i use amour si for 4 years now

  4. So I'm behind you a couple weeks. I hit week 4 today. I've had my 2 boards at 24 in. away this week and so far so good. Before this last week I was running at 36 in. And then down to 32 until transplanting. I about freaked tho watching this cause I'm running 2 – 288 135watt boards. Am I over doing them??? I know one thing for sure I've got some insanely tight noding going on. I was just messing with them before watching this and thought I should raise my lights way way up to get them to stretch some. I am a newbie so don't burn me too bad if I'm majorly over doing the lighting right now. I mean their not burning so??? Wyt? I have had a couple deficient leaves on 1 plant but that was because they needed outta the solo cups and coco into some real soil/plus stronger nutrients. Also after transplanting that plant was a little limey on those two leaves and two others a node up. No more since I made a stronger dose of nutrients last week. They're actually pretty impressive looking to me. I topped last week and those tops have already came up a lot, the plants stems are thick and looking beastly good. The topping made them way way thicker. I thought I was doing good but maybe I'm over doing it and have gotten lucky I haven't nuked them with the strong lighting???? Friends but me up with your growing knowledge!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  5. Your plants are developing beautifully.
    I currently have a weird case in my hands, with what appears to be either a severe mutation, or TMV. Will be growing it out regardless, even if just for novelty’s sake/learning chance.

    I have a question for you though. How do you keep your nutrient solution?
    I favor watering by hand, so I’m considering getting a 10gal bucket, and placing an air stone in it to oxygenate and circulate the solution. What would you advise?

  6. Looking good BLG the claw on the leaves is sometimes due to too much n2 I guess you would know by how much base grow ppm your giving them just a thought. Oh also if you are using a cal / mg + product and base grow nutrients with N2 it may be too much N2 total oh ya you just said it. maybe too much N2 We always use just straight cal/mg from General Hydroponics no N2 in it. So using 5 ml/per gallon I would guess your ppm in is 750 or so which is a good level for those plants lol just thinking out loud brother!! Plants looking great nice series you've put togeather here Ya Monnnnnn!! have a great week!!

  7. Great info good tip. I had too much salt in my plant this time. Couldn't figure out what was going on. It got bad for a week , then I changed my feeding and flushed my plant it started to come back. I am a new grower and I learned real fast how it can fuck up your plant's so I say good advice. Thanks. Keep growing strong

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