1. PREV…Preveceutical medical inc…traded on tsx, do your DD…high potential stock in the preventative medical arena…cannabis division working on sol-gel technology..investigate it!

  2. I messed up yesterday and have no funding today. Told my trade group to buy acbff at -14% today and it recovered. Good dip buy for them. Wish i could have joined for a 10% gain off the low.

  3. Hey Carter! Your videos are the best. Only I don't understand why are you not reviewing Neblio. They also have Restful APIs in eight different programming languages. I hope that you will thinking about that!

  4. Hi Dan, could you talk more about accumulation? You mean a bank is accumulating? If so then it shouldn't go down much more if they accumulated? Could you explain more, I'm not sure as to how to interpret it.

    Thanks for your great vids

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