1. The analyst is a clown. Companies like ACB are more highly situated to do business worldwide, in Germany, Australia, Malta, Brazil, and only somewhat in Canada. What is he talking about? This is why a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. Sure some companies are going to fail…that is business in a new sector.

  2. Your misrepresenting that article a bit, Aurora in particular has heavy overseas deals, the projection is the sector may drop as far as 90% and even that is multifaceted.
    Thank you for the video though, it prompted me to check the new articles out.

  3. no one can prognosticate the future. I see a lot of potential with cannabis stock and im predicting this will be the next Amazon on the NYSE. This is going to be the biggest thing we have ever seen in the stock market. We are in different times now

  4. Listing on a American exchange will probably be a psychological boost. But it opens the way for institutions to
    possibly invest. If Aurora signs with a big company like Pepsi we could see prices in the fifty dollar range.
    Cannabis is going to get bigger and bigger across the world. They will have wine made with cannabis. Greece
    has legalized it but
    not implemented yet. The medical field is just discovering the benefits. Yes like any other stock especially a
    fairly new sector in the world you have to be in for the long run.

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