1. Have you had any of your plants tested that always says if you're spraying your plants for bugs scientist can see what's on your plant what I do the first four months of this plant growing I spray it down about two hours before Sunset just like missed all my plants get misted there's no buds starting yet it's just still in the veg state and it grows and The Roots grow grow grow at this point in the plant's life to have to be more bugs in the soil believe it or not that's how it works when I water my plant these bugs come out of the soil and they're all in like little rafts when the water goes down a little bugs disappear back in the soil since I mean time you're watching out everything's looking the color of the plant no yellow on nothing and it's growing fast

  2. I must comment before I'm finished watching the video. When you said 7 months to grow. That's exactly how long my plants took. Patience you must have patience when growing weed👍

  3. 👋 Thats a great piece of information some of yor TOP 10 LIST does apply to indoors ss well so we can all learn.👊 Im hoping you'll continue to put out content mayb try couple of lives .😏 at least that's what I wanna see 😊 .luv u too Kali😉 YOUR DOING AWESOME.

  4. Kaligrownbudz what's up buddy I harvested my Blackjack today oh it smells like straight gas Blackberry mixed with Jack Herer. A few more days and I'll get my two strawberry bananas out. Just like you I'm a lone wolf and it's a lot of work for one person and I keep all my friends inside a circle of trust which is no larger than a hula hoop. Thanks for the videos it allows us all to learn a little something from one another.

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